Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rubbish service

I worked 5 - 12 today. After work i hit the trans pennine trail and decided to head to liverpool. Was one of the most enjoyable rides i have ever done and will certainly be heading up further to southport at some point. It's tiring in the heat though especially when you have been up since 3am. I was shocked however at the two car train that turned up at at 6pm. It was so full and hardly the most enjoyable ride i have ever had. Lots of people got off at ashton too. I asked one of them if they get it everynight and he said yes. I then asked why don't they get the bus and the answer was speed. People would rather be squashed up in a small train that runs every twenty minutes that go get the bus. I know what i would prefer anyway. Just a shame bikes can't go on the bus.

Like Ian said, Buses need these.


  1. All train services are unusually full nowadays. I went to Manchester, from Mossley, on the 10:55 train, and it was absolutely rammed by the time it got to Ashton.

    It was a 2 coach pacer, but at this time I'd thought it would be dead. The problem is though, the government think the same, and all of the train users suffer as a result. The North West needs more carraiges, or atleast bigger trains to replace current stock.

  2. Need to lobby your bosses ;>)

    Have a look at this...

  3. Soz link didn't attach.

    Here goes:

  4. Hi,had my interview today,went out in an old B10,the bodys may age but I would kill for the brakes they have on any vehicle i have driven!
    Passed my eeediots tests and interview,waiting for my medical date now. scariest thing is director gets final yeah or neigh wether to rehire. I never was involved in a discaplinary though,so fingers crossed!