Monday, 14 June 2010

New facebook Group

Noticed a new facebook group has been set up to try to get a faster bus service for Glossop and Hadfield.
It's been set up by one of the driving instructors who must live on the route. If your on facebook might be nice to boost the numbers. the group is called "Give Glossop and Hadfield a Fast bus Service"

I'm back in work tomorrow and Wednesday doing overtime. Not going anywhere for my two weeks off so i thought may as well.
Have changed the layout slightly and colours hope it looks ok.


  1. Not so much as new route needed...but a new By-pass needed if anything. New layout seems good, could get used to it.

  2. If they take me back on , my dream would be to drive the 236 / 237 all the time, I don't mind if they brand it an "X" service or whatever,but being from Hadfield,there is only one solution,as stated by William!