Monday, 30 November 2009

Bad day.

Today started off very well. Gee cross, glossop, super and easy. Then came the trip and a half on the 7. As soon is i loaded, the half wit at the back of the bus decided that my marshall dart was a party bus with mobile phone music playing very loud. I won't go into any more details but the dummy left the bus before his stop although it was a challenging time. Anyway, the headlights also failed on the bus and once again i ended up in stockport depot getting something fixed on my bus. I did manage to have a peep at the new enviro whilst i was there. Looks nice. There are so many stories about what we are getting at ashton i have stopped believing anything till i see them with my own eyes. Got my training on friday morning before my duty and today i also completed my nvq so some good came from today. Split shift tomorrow so a long day with the gym inbetween. The pic is from the stand on piccadilly last week very peaceful for by change lol.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Perfect day

It might be cold and wet but today is going well. I'm on the 330s which apart from more roadworks at gee cross are pretty simple today. The morning made better by having one of the tridents. Later is a couple of trips on the 7s so i also avoid the football traffic. And then tonight i might pop out for a few beers as i am off tomorrow. Happy days.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Look What I Found

I just finished work and noticed we have driver training next week on the new Enviro 200s. Then when i went outsie look what i found. it looks a nicer bus than i first thought. Can't wait to have a go. I have had to touch the pics up slightly but im sure you get the idea.

Almost goodbye

I heard today that the enviro 200s have started to arrive at hyde road. Thats good because today i have a crap marshall dart. The only good things about the ones we have is the screen can be taken up to there is nothing between you and The passenger. I hate the assault screens, most the time i cannot hear what people are saying and it can cause more problems than it saves when it comes to customer service. Apart from that this bus is rubbish. It's even raining more on the inside than the outside lol. Rant over. Back to ashton for lunch i think.

Royal visit

Just got off the taxi bus to start my day. I noticed the police at the probation officex next to the bus station. Someone said princess anne was visiting for some reason. It's a bit wet to hang around to see so i'll go wait for my 389 instead. Got one trip again followed by 5 hours on the 217. Although i'm pretty wet and cold already so my bus had better be warm.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Long week

I'm just sat at gee cross on my 389. Only got one trip then it's off to glossop which then does the 1850 from town to glossop with about 4 people on. Was hoping to get to hyde road before work to get a picture of the bus which caught fire on gorton lane last night. Not sure of any details but sounded like it's a nasty fire but no casualties luckily. Not had time though so i might nip down tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Just arriving into work. I remember when i got my transfer up here last year. It took me three attempts to find the place. These two signs were all there was and they are very easy to miss. The bigger of the signs has taken a bit of a beating from the current winds and rain and makes it almost impossible to find us without directions. I just hope today isn't as bad as yesterday. Had a nightmare journey on the 7s last night which started with a breakdown then followed on with bad passengers and a blocked road. So hoping today will be kind.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Break time

Just finished my two very hard trips on the 216. I'm just having my lunch in ashton bus station. Was hard finding something to eat in ashton tonight. The break time on this duty makes it hard to find anywhere still open. So i have opted for the unhealthy option of chippy. Normally a weekend treat but will pretend it's weekend today lol. 7s next. Hope it's an easy couple of trips. Feel drained after them 216s.

Long wet day.

Just on the way to work. Got a long tough day today with a couple of trips on the 216 followed by 2 trips on a 7. This is the council offices in ashton. Interesting building. Not sure which looks worse, this or the civic in oldham.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

It's here again.

This stupid thing that is supposed to look like a christmas tree is back in piccadilly this year. I am glad this year it's been tied up properly as last year it fell over. I have a picture of it somewhere will look when i get home.

Another sunday

Just started work. I'm doing the 217 which only goes from stalybridge to piccadilly on a sunday. Nice and simple. I have done it before and picked about 3 people up. Just waiting to start the trip and noticed these ads although i don't think anyone else will because they are on the roof of the lower saloon for some reason. Few problems coming up this week with a diversion being applied on the 216 in clayton. Just when things were getting easier!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Late and wet

Got a few late days now and to kick off i was 2pm spare driver today. Not for long though. Been sent out on the 330 for 3 trips. That will see me out until 9pm so i might sack it day off after that and go home if there is nothing to do. I can stay until 11pm and do nothing with pay if i wanted but i get bored far too easily as i'm sure you know from reading this lol. Just sat in stockport for a change. It's interesting to see stockport are using use charles street minibuses on most of there routes in the evening now.i suppose it reduces antisocial behaviour and many even costs somehow. Anyway on with the next trip.

Friday, 20 November 2009


A few months ago i did a post about the jam factory on ashton hill lane. This is it today. The front walls are all that is left and they look like they will only be there for another few days. On the 217 at the moment. 5 hours on here in a decent bus so not too bad. Did the yawn yawn 389 earlier. Was ok. Although the only excitement was finding market street in hyde closed. They are turning the fairy lights on at the town hall today so the road is closed. Just what we needed on a friday afternoon.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

All finished

This is the view from the wash right now. Only one spare bus. The man would have been the 1714 346 from ashton. It's the first one back in after afternoon peak time. Off home for me until tomorrow.

Bored now

Just sat at longendale once more. Waiting for the little cherubs to come out. Not a bad half this. It's a nice drive to hyde from here as long as they behave. I just hope that hyde road have the 219s under control i could do with an easy trip. Not sure if the route is back to normal in manchester yet either.i will guess when i get there.

Council strikes again

This is the very busy bus top for the market. This council worker thinks its for him to load up his van. The annoying thing is there is a loading space only 10feet in front of his van. Just noticed the stage is up too for the lights switch on tonight. I doubt the council would appreciate me parking my bus in front of it so they cannot do there job.

Dirty folk

I took this after my first trip to ashton from gee cross. Already people are leaving there rubbish on the bus as if it's a bin. It annoys me sometimes, only last night i sent two girls back upstairs to collect the chippy trays they got on with. Anyway. I'm sat at glossop now waiting to leave for ashton on my last trip of the morning. It makes me chuckle, in glossop as soon as the bus pulls up at the royal oak people appear wanting to get on. I have 15 minutes here so they will have to stand the cold for 10 minutes whilst i have my cornflakes. I really don't do mornings in the winter, it's ok in summertime because i can disappear on my bike for the afternoon. Off to the gym next to see if i can shift the last bits of this cold then it's off to longendale school and a trip on the 219 to town and back. Simples

Early morning

It's a bit early for me today. Doing a split shift today which isn't good when i have been on lunchtime starts for the past few weeks. Off to the gym inbetween so i might get a sleep in the sauna after. Doing a couple of trips to gee cross first thing then a school later on. I have a feeling its going to be a busy old day.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Problems so soon.

Just started my day with a trip on the 7. The wipers have stopped working so i have called into stockport for a quick fix. The new Enviro's are in the top shop where the stockport repairs are done. There is 2 here and 2 at hyde road upto now. Tried to pop in but there was no room to park my bus.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sneaky peek!

Just at hyde town hall. They are testing the lights for the switch on at the weekend. I believe the public transport system in manchester went into meltdown last thursdan when the manchester lights went on. I doubt the hyde ones will cause much chaos. Ashton i think is thursday this week.

Roadworks Embargo

I was off yesterda and today i'm not until 12ish so i'm sat at home feeling sorry for myself with another stinking cold. Anyway, Manchester council are being very erm kind to us all in the run up to christmas. All the roadworks down the new road are supposed to be removed very soon to ensure the bus service runs efficiently.
Anyway the other week when i posted the metrolink update pictures i took photos of all the roadworks on the new road which the 216 has to negociate. Some of these have now already ben removed but Saturday saw the return to a very poor service due to Droylsden being reduced to one lane in each direction.
I will try to post these in order. Today got a nice easy trip to Gee Cross and Back. Followed by a couple of trips on a 330 for a change lol...

So next time you ask the driver why the bus is late. Think of these pictures when he jumps down your throat lol. Not that i would of course. I just avoid the new road like the plague.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Keep forgetting

Clarence street has been shut for the past few days at the junction on whitelands road. The buses are coming down either park road from ashton or tame street from stalybridge. I keep forgetting it's shut and keep driving down clarence street. I would forget my head if it was not screwed on. Just started work. On a late as usual for a sunday. Three trips on the 330 then two trips on the 347. Nice simple day. Made easier with the fact i keep the same bus all afternoon/evening, saves packing up and messing about. Small diversion on the 330 too with the road through to asda being shut so we leave stockport the same way we go in.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Drive cam

I just left the depot. Heading upto the hospital to start my 218. This is a drive cam unit. It's very different to the cctv we have on the newer buses. This unit only records 20 seconds before and after a jerk on the bus. Most of these have been removed now and replaced with cctv although this one is still on this man bus. Been told today there will not be any adblu at our depot yet as the Enviro 200s have man engines in them so no need yet. Also was told we should be getting a few of the new Enviro 400s with the man engines in too this month but will see. Also. I don't mind anyone copying any text or pictures from my site. But please at least refer back to the source. I was a little miffed to read my exact words on another site as someones own words. It's just polite. Thanks.

Little mix up.

I came in this morning at 530am. There has been i little mix up on behalf of work and i was not ment to be in until 830. Not too happy but i'm getting paid so i'm staying at work until the duty starts. Anyway, to pass the time i have come out to do a couple of pick ups on the taxi. Just heading upto royton to pick a driver up. This b10 is a pleasure to drive. Very fast and a really nice drive. Got a full day on the 217/8s today which i like so traffic depending it should be a nice day.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

A bit morbid

Just at longendale school. There is some sort of teacher training day going on so the kids are coming out early. Just having a look around. It seems a little odd having a grave yard next to a school. I'm sure the school was built afterwards but it's the last thing the kids will want to see after a day at school i'm sure. Had a customer write in to say how good i was today too so got a nice pat on the back when i came to work. Makes a nice change from the punters shouting at us for running late or not turning up. I finish after this trip and i'm off tomorrow so will be back saturday very early indeed. Off to the works darts crib and domino night tonight. I don't play but thought i might go and try a few beers.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


This Enviro has had a little knock whilst reversing at the bus park in stockport. I sometimes find it difficult on there but have managed upto now not to hit anything. Everything seems to be running pretty smooth today upto now. I have 2 trips on the 347 then 2 on the 7s- should be simple enough and traffic jam free.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

How odd!

216s are running really bad at the moment. I just did my first trip into town and have been sent to stevenson square until my next trip which is in an hours time. Not bad but i'm bored after being here for 5 minutes already. I suppose the 430 trip will be more important to run as it's when peak really starts. Finish after that so i should get home on time anyway. Thats the plan anyway.

Yes still there.

Yes the road works are still there. Just waiting at gee cross. Not too bad though only held up for a few minutes.

Usual chaos.

Looks like another cold wet miserable day. Just in the canteen waitin for my 330 at 940. I have two of them followed by two 216s finishing at 5pm. Looks like the 216s are being diverted via piccadilly station again due to heavy traffic. I do feel sorry for the punters, they seem to get messed about so much because of the roadworks. I wouldn't like it anyway if i used the 216 to get to work every day. Not sure if the roadworks in hyde will cause any problems again today either. Had it confirmed too last night that the darts will be leaving us at the end of th month and we will be getting 6 Enviro 200s for the 7s and 345. The adblu tanks should be installed in the next couple of weeks. Will keep you informed as and when it happens.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Hope this is nice.

Just on the 330. This is the view on portwood roundabout tonight. I hope the picture turns out as nice as it looks now. Been a crap cold day today. Even the 330s have been in turmoil because of roadworks in gee cross. Some even running 30 minutes late. In at 9am tomorrow so no time for a lie in and i have a stinking cold coming too. Looks like a bad week. Bit of gossip for the spotters too. The darts are apparently leaving us in two weeks to be replaced by...... I will let you know when i have checked it out lol.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Just started work. On the 330s this morning. This is the scene at ashton right now as the processions assemble to march through the town for rememberance sunday.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Getting colder.

It's getting pretty cold in the morning now. My man bus is taking a while to get warm too. Just started out on the 217. On here for 5 nice hours lol. At least everything is open now and its a decent bus so it should be a simple day.

Friday, 6 November 2009

This is better. Almost?

This is hyde town hall. .i do like the red bows. I think it looks pretty niceish. Just finished for the day and anyone who needed a bus between 3 and 6 will realise the friday afternoon christmas meltdown of public transport has started. It's horrid out here at the moment. The weather, the roads, the grumpy people all make for a miserable afternoon. Bring on january lol.

Look whats coming!

On the 7s at the moment. Just come through mersey square to find this being put up. Yes it's a christmas tree. I am not the biggest fan of christmas and i really am not looking forward to the messing about with my hours and duties. I'm sure it will look nice when it's done but is it all worth it? Anyway 2 trips on a 330 later so i will see it much more as the day goes by.