Thursday, 30 September 2010


This is the led blind that Manchester sent. The others all have just the wording on. Our man at hyde road has cleverly added the golf club and flag to it. Makes the Manchester buses stand out a little. Just finished for the day. Finish early tomorrow so might have to sample the local public houses to unwind for a few hours. Three days to go before we head back to reality. I had a 10 plate devon scania today. Was a bit slow but a nice drive, the trident this morning was nice too. The opening ceremony was today and we moved everyone with ease. There is a nice buzz around the depot when it comes close to kicking out time. Not sure what it's going to be like tomorrow when the competition actually start. But we are all looking forward to it.

How much?

The continuity between stagecoach areas is odd. The positioning of the fleet numbers, the sorry not in service message, the actual buses. But mostly the prices. This one is 20 quid for the week or 7 quid a day. Bit pricey i think. Anyway things are picking up today. It's the opening ceremony and i think the head cheese is coming to visit our site. There seems to be a lot of people cleaning up anyway for the first time this week. Getting a little fatigued now. There 5am wake ups and 9pm home times do catch up. We do get a 4pm finish tomorrow so i'm looking forward to that. Definatly need some me time, and a cosy bed too but that will have to wait until monday. Or tuesday if play runs over. All the roundabouts into our complex is littered with bus spotters now. And it's not suprising. It's like a who's who of stagecoach buses here at the moment with the scottish turning up last yesterday. They make up the 140 vehicles on this site.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Back to it

It's 530am, the b10 coach 52631 has just picked us up. The bus is very full of drivers all off to do there bit. I finish at 730 tonight. Yes long day but there is lots of hanging about still. Friday is my short day. Only 11 hours so i will try to have some sort of outing to have a look around. Although i'm back at 6 saturday morning. I could kill for a normal 8 hour day but that ain't going to happen this week. This pick is the bus station at celtic manor. There is a better pic on my camera so i'll show that when i get back. Even though i managed to leave it on my trident yesterday, although someone has kept hold of it.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Home time.

The golf has just finished and the mass exit has begun. I'm queued up waiting to get into the bus shuttle park at celtic manor. There are three routes and i get told which one to do when i get the the front of the que.

Big job.

The park and ride has started. This is the east car park which is also our depot for the week. Its massive. The operation in amazing. Yes i'm blowing the stagecoach trumpet again but to see something on this scale is brilliant. I'm heading as passenger up to celtic manor then upto the west car park to pick my bus up. Not sure what the bus is going to be. There is all sorts here. From 04 tridents to 10 plate scanias. There is 24 from manchester and we are staying in very basic student accomodation in a near by village. the days are all about 13 hours long but there is lots of waiting around in that time so not too bad. I'll post more pics when i get chance.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Off we go

Just at hyde road depot. These are the three lanes that are off to south wales. Just getting ready to leave now. I think it's going to be a pretty long day.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Getting giddy

Just started work for the day. Nice easy 6 - 2 today with glossops then 330s later. I'm at the royal oak at the moment on my first trip. The roads at this time are a pleasure to drive on although it's short lived i'm sure as soon as the shoppers see the sun is out. It's a bit nippy though, luckily the heating on this man bus is working well. It's my last day at ashton today, well for the next 10days anyway. We leave hyde road at 430am for Newport, Wales on Monday to go do the park and ride at the Ryder cup . Looking forward to it now. The drive down will be a bit of a drag but i'm sure i'll pass the time with the usual sing song most of us do when there is no one on the bus. Unless it's just me lol. I'll post as much as i can next week although i'll take the camera too and post somemore when i get back. Off tomorrow so at least i get chance to chill before a very busy week.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

In with the old

The area around Dale street in manchester is being used as a movie set at the moment. I did read about it somewhere but here you can see the scene they were filming when i rode past yesterday. Loads me people had gathered to watch and judging by the size of the camp they have set up near tarif street, i'm guessing they will be there for a while.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Slight error here.

Been on the 216s today and i thought i would come back to this shop on the new road to post the picture. I'm out on the bike at the moment, i think someone has made a little error in the spelling on the shop front. Made me chuckle anyway. Not sure where i am off too. Don't think it's too far though as i can't seem to find my water bottles so no mountains today.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Washed out

Not the best picture but you get the idea. This was our transport on sunday to the southport airshow. However it changed to blackpool soon after the airshow was cancelled. It was a very wet and windy day, but we managed to have a good time. This old bus coach thing was nice too. Aging a little but was ok. Back in this morning doing taxis and i'm now waiting in gamesley to do the 842 school. I'm not a big fan of this one. Firstly due to the bridge and also the traffic around mottram is horrid at peak times. Not sure what i'm doing after this school. Thought i would leave it as a suprise for when i get back. However back to bed would be a good plan.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Still here

Saturday mornings are nice in ashton. Pretty quiet until 11am. I'm just on my first of two 7s. Just wondering where this speedwell s49 is going to be leaving from. I think the positioning of the stand will have a huge impact on how many people they pick up. Especially at 4pm when people are waiting 30 minutes for the 409. I can't knock the service too much, i use it alot and rarely get let down. But i don't pay so don't mind if they turn up a little late at busy times. Got the car fixed for a lovely 160quid hence the reason i have worked friday and saturday on my long weekend off. Off to southport tomorrow for either a day in the pub or a day watching the planes. All weather depending. One more week to go then i'm off to wales for the week to work for the park and ride at the ryder cup. I'll explain more later in the week when i get the full details.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Better luck next time

These scratch off day tickets seem to be the new scam of choice. However the lady who tried it on today didn't plan on jobsworth me being sat on the 217. Needless to say she dim't travel and lost her ticket. they even offer to buy a new ticket when they get caught but i find kicking them off is a much better inconvenience to them. I'm sat at shudehill at the moment bored to tears. Since the extra bus was added to this route there is way too much time. It's good for the public if they want a bus to turn up on time but are in no rush to go anywhere. 3 trips on the 347 after this then home.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A change.

I'm just in piccadilly about to start picking up on a 219. Thought i'd try the new phone. This bus does three trips on here but i'm doing just the one to cover part of a duty. Off to the gym after work then home to sort out what to do with the car. The other half decided to put petrol in the diesel tank. Not the best idea in the world but i'm sure i'll sort it. On the bike then tomorrow for me rain or shine.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Ooopss Not Again!!!

No posts for the past few days i'm afraid. Couple of reasons for this. Firstly i was off Satuday and Sunday and have been a little busy socialising and secondly because of said socialising i have managed to misplace my mobile. Yes Again! So another one ordered which should be here intime for my 12 start tomorrow and hopefully should be set up for blogging sometime tomorrow evening.
So anyway, Remember the story ( and yes it was a story) about the breast feeding mum. Well Route one did a nice article on the piece in the 2nd September edition. If you don't read it and like everything bus like here is the link. The E version is very easy to use and a good read especially on this occasion. It's issue 349 if you can find it. If not send me an email and ill forward it page 26 and 27 should you get the chance.

Also why don't we send drivers for the Bus driver of the year competition anymore? It seems all the other stagecoach areas do apart from Manchester? I thought it had been cancelled clearly not.
In all week this week earlies after tomorrows lie in but 3 days off at the end of the week coming up. Southport air show outing from Ashton depot on Sunday so i'm looking forward to that. Never been to one before.

Friday, 10 September 2010

What a shame!

Just up for work. It's 4am not much to take pictures of at this time of day. This is the bus i did the 842 school in the other day. It might be old but it's a lovely drive. I'm doing the first 216 of the day this morning and finish just before 12 which is good because i'm off all weekend then. Sadly none of the manchester drivers are needed for the pope visit next week. I am a little miffed but not too much. There is a bigger job on at the end of the month which we are going on ;) . I gather this was a london bus at some point as there seems to be evidence of double doors?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Early outing

Bus world is a bit boring today. Was up for staff taxis at 330am then as
there was nothing more for me after a school trip to Longendale over the
dreaded Broadbottom Bridge I finished early and headed out. I started
heading for Liverpool again but this time on a different route. I soon got
bored and though I'd go for a more in-depth exploration of Chorton and Sale
Water parks and the surrounding areas. I was looking at increases my average
speed today so didn't take too many pictures. But 51 miles in 4 hours later
I had done what I needed to do. I'm back in on a split tomorrow which is
good because I can head to the gym in-between to carry on the hard work. We
are having a works outing in Manchester on Saturday so I need to burn more
off to make it balance lol. Next week I'm off to Scotland for 3 days to work
for Stagecoach in Glasgow. We are providing extra buses for the Popes visit.
That should be interesting. I am sure I will be posting plenty whilst there.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

No where to go.

I'm stuck at the royal oak at the moment. There has been a bit of a smash up. Nothing to do with us but the blocked road means i can't turn the bus around. Will have to wait until someone moves. Not good as it's almost cornflake time.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Late start.

Not much going on today. 216s were ok earlier. Did two trips and was on time on both. A lot of the roadworks have been opened up a little so there is only 2 sets of lights up now. I'm currently at stockport waiting to leave on my 330. Not seen any green buses in here yet. I thought they started in service today. Nice and early tomorrow so might head out on my bike. Will see how i feel when i crawl out of bed at 4am lol.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Almost there

I'm just sat on lumb lane waiting for a driver and thought i'd share this view. The sun is just about to show it's face over the hills. Looks like another glorious day. I'm more prepared today with my shorts on. It was far too hot yesterday.

Another smashing time

It still passes me by to understand why anyone would throw a brick through a bus window with people on. This scania must have been done yesterday at some point. On taxis again this morning. These earlies really don't agree with me. Only just woke up in time this morning. Ended up working until just after 6 yesterday to cover a trip on a 330. It was however a better than usual trip as a used the trident that i had for the school before it. Got another school after taxis this morning on the same bus. It's a shame they are only borrowed. I believe 16189 is in for head gaskett repair so we have 16103.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Just visiting

In at 4am today to do taxis. Next part is a couple of schools. We have 7 enviros in the paint shop at the moment so we have a few buses from other places on loan. I have 17066 which looks like it has come from another part of the country at some point. Very nice drive though. The tridents are always a nice bus to drive. Got another school this afternoon too although i think the kids might be a little quiet today with it being first day back.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back to Work

I was in at 530am yesterday and today is my rest day but our summer holidays must have come to an end at our depot so we are fully staffed and had spare drivers including myself. I stayed until 930am then decided to head off. There were other spares so I got changed and headed out on my bike which I went to work on.
One challenge I have wanted to do for the past year or so is Home Moss. This is the big hill in between Homfirth and Woodhead road with the large transmitter on the top of it. So I headed up Mottram road. In to Hadfield. And started up the Longendale trail. After helping to clean up an old ladies face which was covered in blood I carried on. Luckily I keep allsorts in my bag for injuries after my last fall.
Then I crossed over the Woodhead road and up the hill. It was harder than I thought but I made it. Brilliant views from the top and a great ride into Holmfirth too. Then I carried on to Huddersfield and then to Marsden up the Narrow Canal. Got the train to Greenfield ( yes I cheated) then cycled home from there. Here are a few pictures including a very familiar looking bus just leaving Holmfirth bus station. I’m off tomorrow and not sure what I am doing yet but a few glasses of celebratory wine is defiantly in order.