Friday, 10 September 2010

What a shame!

Just up for work. It's 4am not much to take pictures of at this time of day. This is the bus i did the 842 school in the other day. It might be old but it's a lovely drive. I'm doing the first 216 of the day this morning and finish just before 12 which is good because i'm off all weekend then. Sadly none of the manchester drivers are needed for the pope visit next week. I am a little miffed but not too much. There is a bigger job on at the end of the month which we are going on ;) . I gather this was a london bus at some point as there seems to be evidence of double doors?

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  1. Halifax use to have the same sort L301 to 15 PWR as 5301 to 15 when it was Yorkshire rider 5306 was repainted into Todmordon livery which replaced 5156 F156 XYG which had replaced 7006 SUA 6 R