Tuesday, 30 March 2010

All quiet

It's 740 in piccadilly. I'm just about to do the 745 236 which i know from experience gets very very busy. It's been pretty quiet coming down the roads are ok too. Just do this to glossop then to ashton and a nice easy 330 to finish off the morning. I did the 1750 236 last night and it really was very busy too until ashton when there were about 5 people on the bus!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Back home

Just started work. This was parked up outside the bus station. I believe it was an old glossop bus and finished up at tameside then hyde road. Just had a good look around it. Seems in very good condition too. I had seen pictures of it on facebook before but it's nice to see it in the flesh. Brings back memories of childhood lol.
The owner is a chap called Mark Amis. He has a Flickr site which is Here

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Sometimes accidents happen we all know this. However this can be a double blow when one bus hits another. This was a very low speed collision. Both buses were empty at the time and its lucky we have plenty of B10 spare parts sitting at Charles street.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Not long now

This is our current home in manchester. If you didn't know for the past 6 weeks our services have been departing from lever street. I must say. Theses stops are so much better than ours. Easier to get out when it's time to go and there seems to be less hassle from passengers. I sometimes think the stops on piccadilly are an easy crime target and they attract unsavory people to the bus. Could be wrong but thats how it feels. The diversion has been extended to the middle of april now due to problems doing the water mains on oldham street. I think the information for passengers could be better too. Trying to tell someone where shudehill is from lever street isn't the easiest thing to do and the pte don't seem to want to help anyone if they are around. I took this earlier and forgot to post it. Only 7 more working days left till i'm off. Seems a lifetime.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Early morning

Just about to start my first of two 330s, cycled in this morning as it seemed nice. Little wet but nothing to worry about. Got a trip over the hills on a 217 to town and back after this too. Finish at 2ish. I'm in now until good friday which seems a long way off but most of next week is early finishes so at least i should be able to bring the bike with me.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Change of Scenary

You will be seeing a few of these knocking around Ashton very soon. 3 Megabus coaches are being based in Ashton as a result of the Preston bus issue. Not sure if present staff would move to our depot or if the company will advertise the positions but i wouldn't say no. I took this a few weeks ago whilst on my bike. The bus is huge. And had a trailer on the back. I doubt you will see this floating on the 216 on a Monday after lol. Lots of other talk still going on at the moment. It looks like we are getting more routes next month including the full time 169 and the 317. Will let you know as and when i find out.(I have removed the other part i orig wrote until more is announced)

Friday, 19 March 2010

Guest appearance

Just finished for the day and found this optare in the depot. I'm sure some hearts will flutter in glossop tomorrow when they read that the mega rider is 13.50. Nothing to worry about though. This optare is preston branded and is on loan for the week as our optare has some work done. Nothing serious. Not sure how many optares we have in manchester but there seems to be a demand. It's here for a week on the 390 should anyone fancy getting a proper shot of it.

Very average

Well today has been exactly that. Average! Started at 1230. Did a trip on a 7 which was different as i had a driving instructor on doing random driving checks on the way back. Now i'm about to start my final of 3 trips on a 216. In a man bus. There are 4 on here this afternoon. So if anyone has any spare big buses knocking around please can we have them lol. Anyway i know this trip out of town is a busy one. It's the 1940 and i know the bus will be pretty full tonight. Back in for another 3 trips on the 216 tomorrow morning too. At least there are no temporary lights anywhere now on the new road so it's easier.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Treat time

Exercise done for the day. Just waiting for the train at macclesfield to manchester. Might have a few beers for troubles before heading home not too many though work tomorrow.

Bit scary

This is in the middle of woodley tunnel. Not as rough as scout tunnel in mossley bus still daunting when you can't see whats in front of you when riding on a bike. So i pushed from here on as i forgot to bring my lights oops.

Whats this

Almost at marple where i will have lunch and i come across this barge thing. Any ideas what it's for am just curious.

A bit wrong.

Things must be picking up on the 217 these days seems there is even a night bus at weekend lol. I'm just at snipe on the way to cheshire somewhere. Off today so i thought i would take advantage of the warmer weather although the wind is a bit of a pain more updates throughout the day i'm sure.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tameside Council: ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH!!!!

OK, Remember the path i took from Ashton to Park Bridge a couple of weeks ago and i mentioned it was in the process of being done up to made suitable for bike and walkers etc etc. Well today i went to work on my bike and found it was all like this! Very rough rocks. Not stone. ROCKS. Please someone tell me this is a base for tarmac because it sure doesnt look like it. It was horrid. I'm suprised my bike survived over it and mine is no cheap machine.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Special visit

I took these pictures on the way in this morning. It's the building that stands in the way of our entrance. It's recently been closed and the grapevine says it will be paintshops for our depot. It should also give us a one way in and out system. When i got into work also noticed mr Souter having his first tour around ashton depot. I did manage to grab 5 minutes of his time to ask about the amphibious bus project in scotland and his views on the fares around manchester. Interesting 5 minutes for someone who has a huge interest in the company and the industry as a whole. So a nice day upto now. Been off for a few days so glad to be back today to get back to normal.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Nothing to see.

It really has been a tiresome long drag of a week. Been on 12 noon starts all week which mainly all included a trillion trips on a 216. A couple of things to report. The grapevine suggests the 168 169 could be the next ashton depot route. And the 231 in the evening is coming to stagecoach but i'm not sure which depot will do it. Just the usual chit chat i have heard anyway. Tomorrow is a long early from 530 until 245 in the afternoon on the 7s and 330s, this picture is the phone box at dingle terrace at park bridge. It's the only interesting thing on my phone at this minute as i didn't get chance to take a picture of the horrid overriders from yesterday who seemed to think it was my fault i was throwing them off the bus. Might start photographing them as they scream and shout at me. Although it might make them worse lol. Anyway suppose i better get my 6 hours sleep. Off saturday and sunday so hoping to get out on my bike one day. Will see.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Another shot.


This tram has just hit a car on london road in manchester. The road is currently blocked. Looks like fun for a while.

Split day

Just getting my man bus ready for 2 trips on a 216. Thats the first part of the split shift i am on today. The back part is a school a 219 and a 330. Talk about variety. Gym inbetween to work off the weekends excess i think.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Bad boys and girls

Not ouch happening today just sat at the royal oak now on a 237 waiting to go back in the sunshine. I took this pic yesterday at daisy nook when i went for a bike ride. You might see them knocking about clearing mess or doing gardens. It's the community service people doing there bit for society if thats what you call a bit of gardening in the sun. I see them about quiet a lot now around tameside. off to ashton then to gee cross now. Student home time so no doubt i will upset a few who don't have scholars passes.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Scenic route.

Thought i would take the scenic route along lees road and through park bridge up into fitton hill.


Just finished for the day. Not bad finishing before 12. The only downside is getting up at 330am. Few diversions today. This is where i parked my 218 today. Heading down lewis road in droylsden because edge lane is shut. The 389 is also messed up today and is going the opposite way round ridge hill due to roadworks. came on my bike this morning which was ok for 4am. Not too cold either. Off tomorrow but back on monday.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fallowfield Loop pictures.

Here are a few pictures from my ride down the Fallowfield loop and then back into Manchester and up the new road. There isn't much change in the Metrolink works apart from where the track has been laid. 28 miles round trip aching a bit now but will be fine for my 430am start tomorrow i'm sure.

Still out.

Just arrived at old trafford tram station. Nice ride down here going to head into manchester i think and up the new road to get some shots of the metrolink line thats been laid.

Out and about

Off out on the bike today. I have just come to have a look at the fallowfield loop. It's a 9 miles track from fairfield station to chorlton. To be honest i never know there was even a train station here lol. You miss so much driving just on the main roads.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Work to be done

This path looks like it's in the middle of being relaid. A yocal said this was a dirt track and it's recently been filled and flattened with stone. Looks like tarmac might be next. Anyway i forgot my cornflakes in my bag so i'm sat on a hill in rocher vale now. It's really nice out today perfect to unwind.

All done

All finished until thursday now. Thought i would follow the sign at ashton station for park bridge i've never been up here before. I can only assume it's the old oldham to guide bridge railway line. Will venture up. Not going too far today need feeding and watering soon.

Very early

After my week of lates comes a week of fairley early duties. Today is the first day of the year when my bike has come out. Was a bit nippy this morning but was a nice cycle in. Not sure where to go when i finish but i'll find somewhere. Bad manners express this morning and i forgot how miserable some of these are before they wake up. Even the bus driver that got on had a can't be bothered frown on his face as he got on and off. Managed to get some sort of mumble out of him though. Was a good day yesterday. After a trip on the 7 which had been running bad all day due to roadworks on hyde road. It was on to the 216 for 3 trips but was made easy when the b10 turned up. Nice easy afternoon. I finish at 1 today so hoping for good weather after. My bus says -5 but i think thats wrong.