Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Very early

After my week of lates comes a week of fairley early duties. Today is the first day of the year when my bike has come out. Was a bit nippy this morning but was a nice cycle in. Not sure where to go when i finish but i'll find somewhere. Bad manners express this morning and i forgot how miserable some of these are before they wake up. Even the bus driver that got on had a can't be bothered frown on his face as he got on and off. Managed to get some sort of mumble out of him though. Was a good day yesterday. After a trip on the 7 which had been running bad all day due to roadworks on hyde road. It was on to the 216 for 3 trips but was made easy when the b10 turned up. Nice easy afternoon. I finish at 1 today so hoping for good weather after. My bus says -5 but i think thats wrong.

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  1. Anonymous2/3/10 23:41

    The 216 seems to have had some funny allocations recently. I spotted the little Merc Minibus on it this morning [Tues].
    Made me chuckle.