Sunday, 28 February 2010

Happy days!

Only been at work for an hour and i just had my first chuckle of the day. Starting as spare at 1530, no open work today so i just did my first floater to hyde. I have written many times about over riding and ease dodging. Well just had a lady get on at dukinfield paid 1.50 and expected to go to stockport .the look on her face when she realised this bus was only going to hyde. Which is one stop further than she paid for anyway. Lol will carry on now hoping for an easy evening really.


  1. No sympathy for fare dodgers, one reason why my fares are at this all time (others including metrolink etc but it still takes a chunk).

    I dont see why I should pay for mine and someone elses but I guess it has to come from somewhere. Mind you though you had a bit of luck, did she kick up a fuss?

  2. It was more of a slight whine. Which turned to shame when i pointed out she shouldn't have been on as far as hyde anyway. Lol. Makes my day sometimes.