Sunday, 30 August 2009

Guest appearance.

I have been spare today so took a couple of drivers route learning the new schools we have. Luckily we went in serviceable bus as a 346 went down and i had to do a trip to hyde and back. Normal route learning resumed when we got back to ashton. Was a packed bus though. It's normally a man or double decker on that route.

Whats This?

This little minibus gets seen by millions of people at least once a month. As you can see there is no branding on the front of the vehicle and none anywhere else on it. It only recently came to Ashton and was perviously stored at Charles Street depot where 1 driver alone used to drive it for a specific reason.
Any ideas what this bus does?

Saturday, 29 August 2009

New recruits.

Because charles street shut, all driving tests are run out of ashton now. This is one of the training buses practising the reversing exercise. On a late today until 1230am on the 216s. With pride being on i am expecting a busy night ahead.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Great idea

I hope we follow suit. This sign is on the first bus i just got on. Stupid idea giving pensioners tickets when they have a free pass. I know it's the pte that specified this action of giving tickets but how are first stopping it and we are not! This is from 30th august.

Another idiot

Since the weather is so nice i thought a walk down for the 409 would be nice lol. First thing i see is this idiot who has parked at the bus stop. Good luck to the lady with the pram at getting on the bus.

Day off at last

I'm off today and it's pretty obvious because it's raining. This pic was taken yesterday morning about 6am. I like the lighting on the viaduct at stockport. I wouldn't like to be the one who changes the bulbs though. Back in tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Last day

Off tomorrow so today i am on an early. This is the junction on wellington road and turner lane. No one in sight. It's 5am i'm doing the bad manners express followed by the blood pressure boiler. Finish at 1245. Temporary traffic lights depending.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Droylsden is causing major problems today so some magic buses have been brought up from princess road to cover. Nothing to do with competition either in case you wondered.

Busy bus

I always thought the 216 was busy. This is the 330 stand. It's very often got long queues at ashton especially if a bus is running a little late. Was on the 216 yesterday. Luckily not today though, because for a change the road has been narrowed at droylsden with temporary lights controlling the flow of traffic.

Late start again.

Doing another 12 - 8 today. Been to the gym and i am just waiting for the taxi to work to sign on. This is a familiar sight around ashton at the moment. An empty speedwell bus. They are stopping the manchester section of the s50 from october so i believe. Shame i think. If only they marketed it better and sent it through stalybridge i think it would have been a massive success. Oh well you know what thought did! Lol. Off to work. Doing the 389 for the first time today too.hope i don't get lost.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Nice stroll.

Just heading off to work. No time for the gym today so having a nice walk to work. It's a sunny day upto now. Should be easy once more today not too much to do as long as everyone else turns up!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Miserable monday.

Was starting to look a nice day until recently. Just my luck, i got the bus with the noisy wipers. It's driving me mad. Just at royal oak about to set off to piccadilly on 237. Like previous comments it will be quiet with about 5 going through past ashton there and back. Long day today too.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday outing Uppermill

Been out on my bike for my day off and to blow away the cobwebs from a night out in Glossop. headed up the Huddersfield Canel to Uppermill then back. Here are some pics anyway. Am sure i saw a certain fellow blogger near Tameside theatre on the way home too!!!

The day after.

The ashton elite were on tour last night so i am walking into ashton due to poor services on a sunday. Noticed another pub shut now. This is the tontine always busy but yet now has shut down and been boarded up. Looks like the market is very busy too. Good night out in glossop though can recommend it.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Another pic

Just in case you want to start a picture collection of broken down buses. It's getting a few horns now which considering the hazard lights are on is very odd. Any ideas where this is?

Not again!

Just on a second 216 and the bus has decided to give up. Lost all power and once again i have transferred the punters to the next bus. Waiting for the fitter again now. Always on the last trip! Was going so well too.

Something to do

Sat in ashton bus station now waiting to swap a bus over thats coming in from glossop with a fault. Gives me 20 minutes away from the boredom of the depot anyway.

Boring morning.

In work waiting for something to do. Bit boring at the moment. Off to pub for a works night out tonight in glossop. Prob why the week has dragged.

Friday, 21 August 2009

More new routes.

Been out on the old scania today route learning some new schools we have and going over the 389 again. Quiet day. In at 0530 tomorrow as spare just in case someone doesn't turn. Alarm is set for 4am which is very early but hoping to finish early too. Who knows.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bad start.

Oh dear. The day has gone bad. I was in work at 0450 this morning till 1145. So i thought, go on my bike so i can have a long afternoon riding. But no! I forgot to set my alarm and woke up at 0433. Luckily everything was ready so i made it just in time. Good job too. I ain't never missed an attendance bonus and didn't want to miss it this month either. Had to come in the car though instead. On the 330 happy chariot this morning till 830. Nice easy day made hard my my own silly mistake. The pic is hyde market street how it should look all the time. Free of cars lol.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

All gone so wrong.

Just as i am on my last trip on a 330 before going home this wonderful machine has made a lot of noises and then packed in. So i have transfered the punters and I am waiting for the engineer. Great. My pie and mash will have to wait a bit longer.

Peak of the week.

Just started. Waiting for my 217 at 38 past. Not much goes on on c stand so sat at k. Bit busier, things to see. Nice simple day finishing at 6.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My day.

On the 236s at the moment. It's one of the few that go into manchester direct from glossop. I don't get the point to be honest. I bet there is 3 people max who travel past ashton on the way up. Would be easier to bring them up on a 216. Offered my services for the evening too. Am now working till midnight on the 216s should be easy enough. Nice not to sit in traffic on them. This is my bus this afternoon. Just shut it down for a bit. The piece and quiet is a rarity.

Nothing escapes.

No road escapes the roadworks at the moment. This is cavendish street in ashton. Was closed last night to start resurfacing work. Today it's just a mess. I assume they will be back tonight. Not in till 1 today. Lots of chatter about speedwell shutting in october to find out about.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Easy monday.

One of the best parts of this job is the ability to swap shifts with other people. I should have been starting at 5am this morning but opted for 1pm instead. On the 346 at the moment at gee cross terminus. It's interesting this route so much that the only part that is tendered is the gee cross to hyde section. So if this doesn't run for whatever reason we have to cover that short section only. Off glossop when i get back to ashton and then a trip on the roadworks express to piccadilly and back. Not a bad day actually.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

All gone good!

My original 5 trips on a 347 has Been thrown into turmoil. I did 2 trips. Now i have been sent empty to piccadilly to cover a missing 218 at 1824 happy days, i was going dizzy already. This route is tendered so needs to run. Unfortunately the 347 wasn't so it has to suffer on this occasion. I'm just waiting my time out in stevenson square like this bluebird driver is doing.

Long day.

Looking like a long day today. Just parked up next to the baths. Got 15 minutes before going back out on my 347. Would have gone on the bus park but speedwell seem to fill it up these days with the buses that are supposed to be on the s50. Yes! It is still running. Lol

New practices.

For years and years the pitts in all the bus depots have been open. Common sense has taught people not to fall into them. Until recently. One chap fell in and broke his shoulder. Because of this. Every pitt throughout the company has to be fitted with these removable barriers. I am sure they won't be cheap either. Our engineering manager of 42 years also left the company yesterday following redundancy. He said in all that time he knew of only 2 accidents involving falling into pitts!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Stamford Park

You wouldnt think this place is on the doorstep of Ashton. Its a veyr nice park. I thought Alexandre park in Oldham was supreme but this place is brilliant. Stamford park Well worth a visit.
off to work soon. A nice easy day would be good. but Friday afternoons are rarley quiet.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Another day off!

Not in until tomorrow afternoon so i have come for another little bike ride. I thought i would get some hill practice and cycle up mossley road. Just at the top now. Wasn't the easiest of hills but wasn't too bad. Going to head over to grotton then into Oldham for a few beers. I also managed to get some shots in stamford park too will upload them when i get home.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Such a shame.

Just on my way home and just passed this place. I came here a lot when i was a child to watch the wrestling. It's such a shame it has closed down. There is groups around trying to get the tameside theatre open again but it's not looking too good.

Odd shape.

Heading down the ashton canal and noticed this odd shaped apartment block. Off into castlefield i think.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Such a difference.

Older buses don't have this one complete window upstairs. Our new ones do. It's great the amount of unobstructed view you get. Just having a wonder round before i head back to ashton on 330 for lunch.


On the 330 at the moment. Got a few minutes at hyde bus station. It's a well looked after place with electronic boards telling when the next bus will be. Wish they were all like this.

Away From It All

Its nice to get away from all the road works and go somewhere piecefull to unwind. This is Ladybower reservoir in Derwent Valley. I love it down here nice drive down Snake Road then a few minutes chill time before carrying on down the road to view more scenary. This was the other night. Off to work soon. Nice simple 9-5 today 347s and 216s. Lovely lol.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Ashton moss.

Nice easy duty today. 218 and 236. Just stopped at ashton moss to wait some time out. Nice place this. Lots to do and gets pretty busy. Working till 7ish. Hopefully a quiet day. Traffic depending.