Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Early finish

Not much happening today so i have taken an early finish as i should have been off today anyway. Instead i'm reliving the childhood slightly and have come for a little ride out on a bus or too. I was going to head upto preston and southport today bus was asked to do a few hours at work. Instead i got a 216 to alan touring way. A 53 to cheetham hill (this went through north manchester hospital where i couldn't find the jpt 59 enviro which is on show today) then a 135 bendy bus to bury, which i have never ever been on before. I'm sat at the back too it's a very odd piece of vehicle next over to rochdale then Oldham and home. Nice to see the other side of Oldham for a change. **Update** However now i am home i will never come through Royton at school time again.. Next time i only go past schools sat behind the screen driving the bus. they are like animals.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Different day

Been an odd day today. Went to the gym at 630 this morning so i could be in for my overtime at 0917. Instead i have been taken off it to fill forms in for the nvq award. Have finished that now and am waiting for my own duty to start. Not such a nice afternoon. 1 trip on a 7 followed by 3 trips on a 216. Not good. I'm sure my blood pressure and patience will be tested today.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Long day.

13 hour day today. Finishing on the 7's at 2130ish. Just in piccadilly and noticed this 57 optare. I thought this sort of thing was done with old buses. This one seems to have been bought like this. Busy now as city are at home tonight. Glad to be coming off.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Special tree.

Already i'm bored. Sundays are rubbish too much time quiet roads until dinner. It drags sometimes. I'm sat in stalybridge waiting to start my 237 and noticed this new tree called a chimney tree. Wouldn't like to be the one who has to trim it. I'm sure at some point it will have to come down before the chimney does lol.

No where to sit.

The second single deck scania has arrived at ashton depot minus i few seats covers. I assume they are off to be recovered. Looks a tidy bus will see when it's ready to go into service.

Another sunday!

Overtime today. Just arrived at work. Not much going on. Even the engineers are not here yet. There will be more engineering bays going in on the next phase of building work. Hopefully a canteen too. Glossop for a change now followed by the 330 should be ok.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sunny saturday

Just starting on a late. Usual story for a saturday not a 330 or 216 in sight. Traffic on saturdays is so bad these days between 12 and 3 it's like rush hour constantly. Not too worried though i'm on the 347 and then glossops.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Almost breakfast.

Bit hungry now. Waiting on piccadilly to do my last trip back to ashton. It's weird having a break at 9am when most people are going to work. I think a treat at mcdonalds might be in order for my hard work at the gym this week.

Oh it's early.

Alarm was set for 4am this morning. A little too early for me but i need the early finish today. I'm working all weekend again so no rest for the wicked. 216s today then one trip on the bad manners express. Finish 12 noon. Not bad. This view is a very quiet ashton new road from Droylsden. I had a couple of minutes so took this not sure how well it will show up. I will check when i get home.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Another dimwit

This guy might be delivering nice hollands pies to a chippy in hollingworth but it's a shame he can't see the crossing he has parked on. As the kids where heading to school this morning too. Idiot!

Where am i

I'm really bored now. Been such a boring average morning. Need some antisocial people to get on and give me something to do i think. Anyway, i wouldn't get this one if i saw this very average looking wide road. Off to gym after this trip might get chance to warm my body through.

Very cold!

I'm sat at the royal oak at the moment. It's warmer outside than it is on the bus. On a split today. The first part is a bit odd. I leave glossop at 0750 and the timetable gives me till 0900 to get to ashton. If i got on this bus at the royal oak i think i would be a little miffed by the time i got to ashton. I assume there might be some regular traffic somewhere. But if that isn't there then we are in for a few long waits at timing points. Lots of tuts and puffs lol. Back half later on is the 1623 389 which i have not done in service to gee cross yet so should be a nice easy afternoon.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Totally rubbish!

On the 7's today. Not been on here for a while. This bus i think came from maynes originally. It's recently come to ashton from charles street. It's so horrid to drive. I would rather be sat on the 216s in rush hour than have this bus. I can't understand why it is even more rubbish than the other darts we have. And they are crap. Anyway back at my second home. Stockport bus park. Got another trip and a half to do. Nice easy day. Shame about the bus. Split shift tomorrow to wake up too Yippee.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More missing buses.

Just on the 347. This his another timetable which says a bus no longer than every ten minutes. I have just checked and this 8 minute service has also gone to 10 minutes now. Not good. Two more trips then home.


Just started. On the 330 once more. As per a comment i have looked at this service really is now 10 minute. I'm a little annoyed how this has been reduced twice in the past 2 months on the quiet. The timetable just says a bus no more than ten minutes. This shouldn't be allowed. We do have more running time but that doesn't help joe public who want a more frequent service. Got another trident on here again today. This pic shows the luxury seats of the older buses...... Just kidding of course. There is whispers of serious service cut backs in january and that this is still being discussed.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Special treat.

Just on my second part. This is the beauty i have on the 330 today. I do like driving the older tridents. We did get rid of them all at ashton but they are back to cover other damaged or faulty buses. We currently have 17642,17647 and 17669. Replacing 22241 and 19084 that i know of.

Back to school

You can certainly tell the colleges are back. The 0745 trip from piccadilly i just did was mad. The bus was so full at ashton i had to turn people away. The only space was on the cab floor. This trip needs a bigger bus. Although the problem is after stalybridge there was only 2 people on the bus? Very odd day.heading back soon on a 237 which hits hadfield at 0930 so i expect a few pensioners on this trip.

This is too early!

Got picked up at 0450 this morning. Just in ashton waiting to do the first 236 to glossop. It's not too warm either. I believe the heat turning on scheme has been brought forward. It's normally october when the heaters are turned on. The man buses can get very cold too. Doing a through bus to manchester when i get to glossop. Busy trip i think. Especially on megarider day.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Cold early sunday

Just started. Got a week of earlier this week starting today. 3 trips on a 216 then glossop later. It's the second 216 into town so should be a busy trip. There houses in the picture have affo boarded up for a long time. They used to be council offices for a while i think not sure what the plan now for them is. Would make a good canteen when we next expand in ashton. Today sees the manchester derby luckily at old trafford so we shouldn't have too many problems on the 216 today although the diversion out of town is still on so we will see.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Hectic day

Today has seen a meltdown in manchester on the 216 route. Due to a crane lever street has been shut causing the service level to drop to almost zero. It seems just one thing after another. I however am on the taxi bus from depot to ashton bus station all afternoon. Glad of it too. Even if it does get boring sometimes.

The end for now.

Just finished my marathon day. The cleaners are here until 6am though. Till tomorrow!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Strange sight

As mentioned in comments on the last post here is an old maynes scania on the 7 earlier today.

Busy ole day.

Today was going to be a very simple issue. This has changed. I'm now working until midnight. Long day but i don't mind. Just done my first of two 330s this is the before mentioned scania parked up in stockport on a 7. Holds almost as many as a man bus which i didn't know. On with the second trip.

216 bus fire.

Just got into work and this enviro has just been towed in. It was on a 216 this morning at grey mare lane heading into manchester at 830 when an engine fire started. First thoughts are electrical but i wouldn't like to have been sat on the back seat when it went up. This will have to be sent off to dennis now for a full overhaul but it's repairable. The driver of this bus and the one behind both tried to tackle the fire but the fire brigade put it out when they turned up as the flames where too high.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Here we are again.

Just on my first 330 of the day. I'm puzzled! When stockport depot did this route they always seemed late. Now i find we are getting time at each end and plenty of time throughout the route. I'm sure this is just because we are the ashton elite lol. Or the traffic is not as bad. Anyway off to ashton again now.

Another late start

Just starting work 1317. Sat waiting for taxi bus to the bus station. These are the buses waiting to go out on p boards such as schools or service extras. I'm going to glossop today. Not been for weeks so will seem a nice change. Although back on the 330 again later which i don't mind. It's a nice drive. Next week is so different. I have enjoyed the lie ins this week but it's earlies all the way next week. Really dead happy to see our new pay rate has been applied. Thanks to everyone who voted for it!! Although i can't seem to find a single one off them?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Part two.

All going very well today. Nice duty this. Have done my 347s now i'm on the first of two 330. Not as busy as i thought they would be considering the colleges are back. The bus park at stockport is deserted apart from me and that bakerbus. Don't know where they are from. Anyway i'm the 1701 out me stockport so i'm expecting a busy trip. We will see.

Here again.

Back to work today. Been a pretty boring morning. Went to gym and now i'm waiting for my 347. Got two trips on the magic roundabout then 2 on the 330. This bus on the 347 is new to ashton. It's a single deck scania that used to belong to maynes until we bought them. I believe the other one is coming soon too. I have drove it before on the 172 when i was at hyde road. it's Nothing special from memory.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Over with.

Well it's been a mixed up day today. A very busy school bus a not so busy ashton new road and a tough few hours in the gym. I'm just glad to be heading home. The odd thing is, tomorrow is my day off. It's a funny job sometimes.

All change.

Late getting in due to the breakdown. Which has now been fixed means a change of duty. Now i have the joys of doing a school. Just what i need on my first day back. It's another new one to ashton which i have not done since leaving hyde road. I never even knew we had this one! Now i have been taken off the back part to do 3 trips on a 216. Not too bad because i will now finish at 1330. Such a change to how the day started!

All gone wrong.

I spoke too soon. Just heading down Oldham road and the optare has decided to lose all it's water and stop. So just waiting for a replacement bus. Joy!

Back to normality

All back to normal today. If that's what you can call it. No car today so i'm waiting for the taxi bus. On a split today too so will not be home for 12 hours as i will be going to the gym in my break. 330s first thing then 347s later on. Should be a nice easy day.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Just had a lovely meal in town and have come to catch the 216. I was so suprised to find a magic bus running the service! Can anyone explain coz i am lost as to why. We normally run the 216 upto 12 midnight!

Sunny Saturday Walk

It's been a glorious day today. I thought i would go for a bike ride to Warrington but this turned sour after the bike packed in!! so instead i have driven upto a favorite spot of mine. Dovestones. I parked at Binn Green car park (coz its free, the other one isnt?) and i walked around the smaller reservoir at the top. Its a perfect place to come and unwind especially on a day like today. I didn't want to be stuck in the gym so this was a perfect alternative. Out with work in Manchester tonight for a nice Chinese meal and a few beers so that should be the perfect end to a great day. One more day of rest them back with a bang with a 12 hour duty on Monday, Super!!! Hope you enjoy these pics as much as i did taking them.