Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bit Nippy

Not been much to write about apart from bus stuff last couple of months. Now though i managed to get out on my bike once again. It's  abit cold out but it's a nice day. Going out later on the bike but thought i would blow the dust off in Alexandra park in Oldham. It was a bit misty and frozen but there was plenty of people out though at 8am walking dogs and taking pictures. very peaceful time.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Big problem

Just walking up lever street in manchester. This bendy bus thing has broken down. I was wondering how you tow something so long with such a long truck. The answer is the rear truck is the escort. Looked even more impressive seeing it being towed away. Although i was busy filling my face in bem brazil at the time.

Few days rest

I'm off until monday now so i've decided to head into manchester for lunch. Just waited 10 minutes for a 216. Usual friday afternoon traffic problems i'm sure. Pretty full bus too. Going to dust off the mountain bike on sunday as the forecast looks pretty good. Can't wait to get out again. I'm not a big fan of the wind rain and cold so will see how i go on. Will still need to wrap up i think lol.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Not today you don't

Yesterday did a couple of trips on the 216 before the gee cross and glossop thing. At ashton a young girl got on with this ticket. It took ten minutes of driving before it sank in there was something not quiet right so i went for another look. As you can see the date has been altered with a black pen. I'm not sure why it took so long to register in my tiny mind but glad it did eventually. She claimed it was given to her by someone in the bus station. Yeah right. She bought a new one anyway. There are many worse than this one. But is it really worth it for £3.50.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Very interesting.

Nothing interesting about gee cross international bus terminus but i just found a leaflet on the bus advising of a public consultation on the 236 237 service. Well the real time buses that go through to manchester anyway. I believe the full info is on the website. I was on the 1850 from town last night and collected the regular 3 people who get on it. It asks about how the service should be run between ashton and manchester. And also if there should be a through service at all. Should be be interestin to see what comes back. Personally i would run it from stalybridge to manchester non stop to compete with the train. A bit like the x84 diggle service which doesnt go into oldham at all. This would have the advantage of using either the old or new road and would be a pretty swift service. Thats my take on it anyway. Suggestions finish on the 11th feb for interested parties, back to ashton now then glossop and back and home.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Blast From The Past

A little before my time but i found this old pic of Ashton bus Station from around the 70s on a facebook site. Thought i would share it.
Got bored before work time lol.
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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Smashing weekend.

Just arrived into work. Got a couple of 216s and 169s today. Always great to do the 169 for a change even if the times are tight. This bus was out last night until this happened.. Luckily noone was sat on the front seat where all the glass was.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Temporary home

I'm just waiting time out in stevenson square. Last night when i came past here there must have been 200 people all waiting for a bus to oldham. This is where the 83 etc are leaving from at the moment but due to the traffic none could get through. Not the nicest place to be stuck either.

New arrival

We have a few new to us man buses at the moment which i'm told we are keeping. This is the first time i have driven this one 22183. It's one of the good ones i think. Pretty nippy which is a fine quality sometimes. Not looking too bad on the heating side either. Lots of 217 218s today. All day in fact. I was on the 330 and 347 but someone didn't fancy 8 hours on here. I'll sit on this route all day long. Easy money.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Looks whats back.

Just finished a mad friday afternoon. The manchester roadworks are causing all sorts of problems. At one point i saw 7 216s on great ancoats street stuck in traffic, i managed to do all 3 trips just about but it's been hard work. I can see it getting worse in the next few weeks. Just on my way home and noticed this bus 19084 has been returned to us following the fire damage last year. Not had chance to look around in the light but the rear looks like it's been refurbished. it will certainly help as we seem to be running man buses on all routes at the moment. Including some mans that seemed to have been lent to us from other depots. Back in tomorrow at 9.

UPDATE: Here is the link for the December fleetlist should anyone want it. FLEETLIST

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Funny old day.

It's certainly been an odd one today. Started at 6am on the 347. The second trip having far too much time on it so had to drive at 15 mph for most of it. Plus it was school time and they were in double noise mode. Then a trip on a 216 which was pretty quiet and chilled with just one set of roadworks going on with temp lights. Then a couple of extra trips to hyde and back on the 330 to help out the normal service and now i'm in stockport on the 7. First time on this long dart too. It's a nice bus. I think i prefer this to the new ones we almost got nearly not quiet. Home time when i get back. Not in until 1 tomorrow which is good although i'm not off now until next friday which is a bit of a drag but i'll survive i'm sure.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What a shed.

Lucky me. The back half of my split is driving the ashton not so magic bus. Drives nice but lacks a few comforts. Only my second time over broadbottom bridge too so hoping to come off it without a scrape. Empty to ashton for the 1638 237 after this then a part 236 to stalybridge. Simple easy day really.

No need

I'm at stockport just waiting to leave on my first of two trips on a 330. I just noticed this enviro on the number 7. I can only assume we are short of a dart today. Problem is we can't really put a man bus on the 7 as they are not the best at turning into market st due to the length. The 330 were all messed up yesterday due to roadworks at woodley with some buses running an hour late. I'm hoping to miss them this morning for the first part of my split. The back half should be fun. The magic bus over broadbottom bridge. Hee hee.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday blues

I just come to work to start my duty. Seems it's been a busy morning. Thats because this enviro 19085 had a little bump this morning. I'm not too sure how it happened but i doubt this bus will be out for a few weeks. I'm on a trip on the 389 followed buy 5 hours on the 217/218 should be simple enough.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Vile weather

Just started. I'm on the 392 which i have not done for about 12 months now. It's all the way to glossop empty. One trip to gamesley and back them empty to gee cross. I'm sure we must get a lot of money to come and run this one trip as i think about 3 people get on. The weather now is horrid. It's blowing a gale and it's very very wet. Can't complain though because it's shifting the snow. One trip on a 330 for the second part so nice easy day really.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Familiar subject.

Well i was supposed to do a couple of trips on the 216 for my next part but have been asked to go cover a school in glossop. On the way up mottram road the bells and lights all started going off and the bus ground to a halt. After getting out to have a look it seemed to be leaking lots of water. Oops. After waiting 10 the depot called me back to say it was normal and the water system was just spitting out what it didn't need. Now i'm no genius but i'm sure it shouldn't do that! Anyway after it had cooled down i headed on my way. All was fine until 2 minutes up the road it started again. Long story short i'm now in ashton bus station waiting for the inspector to come and put some water in my bus because it's short! One trip on a 216 now then home.

Where am i?

Not played this for a while. This bus in on route and not somewhere it shouldn't be. Any ideas?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tricky path

I have just finished for the day and am sat on the 396 going home. It's been a weird day. It was the same duty as tuesday although on tuesday i didn't get spat on and threatened to be stabbed by some loser on the 330. Made for an interesting morning anyway. Following that was once again 5 hours on the 217 218. very calming 5 hours it was too. Although the 1524 from piccadilly is a it hard to keep on time. Gets frustrating too trying to get to ashton in time to catch the bus home. This picture is brushes road near stalybridge taken earlier on. As you can see 9 days on it's only just passable. I don't see the point of sending a bus up here as it rarely picks anyone up anyway. split tomorrow with a school for the back part which i have not done before so it should be fun. The first part i a single trip on the 330. Gym in the middle got the christmas pounds to shift. Can't wait to get back on on bike once more.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Gone wrong

This is the view i had for 30 minutes this afternoon. I was just coming back from gee cross going through newton and the temporary lights at the bottom are stuck on red. It wasn't all 4 sets which were stuck. Oh no, just my side. I finally got into ashton 35 minutes late. This means i have take my 330 off late. It should be on the bus park at ashton waiting for me. Will probably run dead to stockport and start from there. It is a shame though for the people who would have been waiting for it going ashton at 1655.

Wrong turning!

Just started my first trip of the day and it's very cold on this bus today. Just come up to the royal oak on a 237 and as you can see snake pass is still shut and a news crew have set up home. I didn't manage to get on tv but i did come up in error. I was only supposed to go to glossop centre but came cab the way instead. No harm done. The snow is bad up here but i managed to get out. 330s next after my trip to gee cross.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Eased back in.

First part today is a single trip on a 330. Made easier with the bus in front being around 7 minutes late all the way. I picked up about 8 people from ashton to stockport. After that is 5 hours on the 218/217s. Nice day really. I'm glad i wasn't in yesterday. I believe the roads where gridlocked with everyone going back to work and school. Didn't make for a pleasant morning for bus travellers waiting 20 and 30 minutes on busy routes. New phone is on its way. Nokia 5800 is what the insurance is giving me which will have to do until august when it's upgrade time. Pictures might not be as good but will do for now.

back to work.

Even though i only had 4 days off it feels like i have been off for weeks lol. Got the bus in today as i'm on a 9-5 and it's quicker that driving when it comes to getting home. I just got to 409 to ashton. The pte finally got there act together by the look of it and hired a jcb digger to move all the slush from the bus way at the bus station. It's just being put onto a low loader now so this pile will have to wait for the melt. Not sure what i'm doing today until i get in but i hope it's easy. We will see.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

still off

No monday morning for me this week i'm still on my long weekend off. Been a very nice rest to be honest. I think tomorrow will be a very busy monday morning as everyone finally gets back to school and work. Well that is unless this light snow we have at the moment turns heavy. Oh well nothing i have to worry about for now anyway. The picture by the way is one of the many great uses for the megarider on a man bus lol.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Nice relaxing day

After the past few days of hell on planet earth in the bus world, today is somewhat easier.
It started with waking up a year older and having to get up at 320am but it wasn't too bad. I finally got the car off the street and headed to work at 4am to start a very early duty. The first part was something most drivers dread.... 5 trips on the magic roundabout. AKA the 347. Normally it's mind numbingly boring and your ready for swinging from a lampost you finish them, but today i found it very theraputic. So easy and relaxing it was so odd. Not so busy either which made it even better.
The second part was a trip to Glossop on a 237. This too was made easy as the 237 is being run direct to Glossop as a 236 due to the heavy snow in Hadfield. I had 30 minutes to spare at Glossop because of this so headed off to Costa coffee for a warm drink. 2 Man buses this morning both luke warm but manageable. Even if it was -11 when i went to work this morning.
Anyway i have finished for the weekend now, not back in until Tuesday so i am going to have a birthday party weekend before the post christmas detox kicks in. Hoping to get my new phone next week although this shot on Henry street in Glossop looks nice too.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Stuck in

What a week it is becoming. I dont need to tell anyone whats going on with the weather around my area at the moment. Its been - something for the past week or so. Now another 10" of snow in oldham and ashton today. My car wont move. The cancellation of First bus has ment i couldn't get into work today and thats just a small part of it. this is the list of service disruption to Stagecoach in manchester right now. I believe a lot of drivers have been unable to get which luckily will make up for the suspended services we deal with around ashton. Im back in tomorrow still no phone though yet grrrrrr. So until i get one i am unable to post on the move. Will try to take some nice scenic photos if i get chance although the news has a plentyful amount at the moment. Personally i think a lot of buses won't run today and a risk assesment would confirm it. But who am i to say.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The end of another struggle

So another snowy day over with. Here are a couple of shots of the 216 stand in Ashton this afternoon. Very simiar to the other week with the same slush everywhere and the roads just as bad.
However.. Today there were a lot less cars on the road and there were less people about.
I cannot however for the life of me think why some of the older folk drag themselves out of a nice warm house to get the bus to somewhere like Ashton for a bag of spuds. Surely they can wait for another day to make the journey. Im not saying they should be locked up but today on the number 7 bus a 77 yr old lady slipped getting on and ended up being taken to hospital with a split head. She was shopping and lived in Gorton. Anyway tomorrow is a late shift on the 236/237 which should be fun as no buses are going up to the royal oak or to hadfield. So it should be a nice easy day.

Happy New Year, Maybe!

This is the scene right now outside my house. The snow is back to probably cause more problems with the transport network. I was going to be off today but i have been asked go in at 1pm. im not really looking forward to it to be honest. It's so much more hard work driving in the snow. It's not so much the slipping and sliding about but the moaning and idiot drivers who seem to think its good to pull out in front of the bus.
Not sure what i am doing today yet. I wont be able to post later due to a very unfortunate accident with my phone lol. Am sure that will be solved very soon. I noticed on Thursday when i went to work that we now have the 3 '04 darts at ashton. I suppose its compensation for not getting the enviro 200s. i think they are 33098/99/100 from dennis's if i remember rightly. Better than the rubbish we had i suppose. Got my camera should anything happen so will see how today goes.