Wednesday, 20 January 2010

No need

I'm at stockport just waiting to leave on my first of two trips on a 330. I just noticed this enviro on the number 7. I can only assume we are short of a dart today. Problem is we can't really put a man bus on the 7 as they are not the best at turning into market st due to the length. The 330 were all messed up yesterday due to roadworks at woodley with some buses running an hour late. I'm hoping to miss them this morning for the first part of my split. The back half should be fun. The magic bus over broadbottom bridge. Hee hee.


  1. Route 7 was started off as a minibus route by the Bee Line Buzz Company back in - when? 1987? So the original route wasn't intended to be for full sized buses. It didn't go along Lord Sheldon Way then, of course.

    Later it was extended to Hartshead Estate, running every 10 minutes to Stockport. Hartshead has never had such a good service since!

  2. Anonymous20/1/10 23:39

    Dennis's also ran on the 7 for a while using mini-buses.

  3. Seems ironic now that former Dennis's buses are now being used on a former Dennis's route

    As for the double decker on 7 it must have been out all day on Wednesday I saw it in Ashton Bus Station Wednesday morning

  4. Anonymous23/1/10 02:07

    And of course up until recently Mayne;s buses running on ex Mayne;s routes. Sadley it was mentioned on another site that this year would have been Mayne's 90th year of operation in Manchester. Not any more :(