Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tricky path

I have just finished for the day and am sat on the 396 going home. It's been a weird day. It was the same duty as tuesday although on tuesday i didn't get spat on and threatened to be stabbed by some loser on the 330. Made for an interesting morning anyway. Following that was once again 5 hours on the 217 218. very calming 5 hours it was too. Although the 1524 from piccadilly is a it hard to keep on time. Gets frustrating too trying to get to ashton in time to catch the bus home. This picture is brushes road near stalybridge taken earlier on. As you can see 9 days on it's only just passable. I don't see the point of sending a bus up here as it rarely picks anyone up anyway. split tomorrow with a school for the back part which i have not done before so it should be fun. The first part i a single trip on the 330. Gym in the middle got the christmas pounds to shift. Can't wait to get back on on bike once more.


  1. Anonymous14/1/10 18:11

    Does the safety glass around the cab not prevent drivers from being spat on?

    Do you have spit kits on board like tube workers in london? when someone spat on they take a test swab and plave it in a test tube and its given to the police. They search DNA databases and try to find whos done it - its assault at the end of the day.

  2. Thats exactly why I don't miss driving Joe Public about. When I was at stagecoach,they were offering spit kits,but you had to buy them.

  3. No spit kits anymore. The screen did take 99% of it. Luckily for him i'm full of a cold and couldn't be bothered jumping out and dealing with him in am appropriate manner. Anyway it's the first time anyone has ever done it so it's not a bad incident rate for me. I won in the end he walked which was my intention for overriding. A pet hate of mine.

  4. about a year ago, 11's, wythenshaw, no radio on the bus, chav spat at me through hole in the screen, i opened my cab door in his face, hard enough to knock him off his feet, blood pouring from his nose, took him to wythenshaw bus station and told pte inspector what had happened "self-defence was it?" "yes"

    never heard a thing about it since....

    i know pretty much all drivers, including myself, will put up with all the bullshit and abuse in the world, but spitting is beyond the line