Thursday, 7 January 2010

Nice relaxing day

After the past few days of hell on planet earth in the bus world, today is somewhat easier.
It started with waking up a year older and having to get up at 320am but it wasn't too bad. I finally got the car off the street and headed to work at 4am to start a very early duty. The first part was something most drivers dread.... 5 trips on the magic roundabout. AKA the 347. Normally it's mind numbingly boring and your ready for swinging from a lampost you finish them, but today i found it very theraputic. So easy and relaxing it was so odd. Not so busy either which made it even better.
The second part was a trip to Glossop on a 237. This too was made easy as the 237 is being run direct to Glossop as a 236 due to the heavy snow in Hadfield. I had 30 minutes to spare at Glossop because of this so headed off to Costa coffee for a warm drink. 2 Man buses this morning both luke warm but manageable. Even if it was -11 when i went to work this morning.
Anyway i have finished for the weekend now, not back in until Tuesday so i am going to have a birthday party weekend before the post christmas detox kicks in. Hoping to get my new phone next week although this shot on Henry street in Glossop looks nice too.


  1. Anonymous7/1/10 16:37

    A speedwell S50 in Glossop. How strange lol.

    May i be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday. Really enjoyed reading your blog over the past 12 monthes and long may it continue.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you. It was a 397 which had not changed its rear number

  3. What the heck is a Speedwell's S50 doing in Glossop? Is it a mixed up 341?

  4. Buspilot7/1/10 22:12

    More torrential rain, power outs, flooding, rock falls here in Spain today.

  5. Happy Birthday...enjoy your well deserved weekend off!