Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Not today you don't

Yesterday did a couple of trips on the 216 before the gee cross and glossop thing. At ashton a young girl got on with this ticket. It took ten minutes of driving before it sank in there was something not quiet right so i went for another look. As you can see the date has been altered with a black pen. I'm not sure why it took so long to register in my tiny mind but glad it did eventually. She claimed it was given to her by someone in the bus station. Yeah right. She bought a new one anyway. There are many worse than this one. But is it really worth it for £3.50.


  1. hello friend,your blog is very nice,sorry if my english not good well...

  2. Anonymous27/1/10 09:09

    Nice catch!

  3. Anonymous27/1/10 15:23

    It makes me laugh that people would actually do this for £3.50.
    But when ever i have been on a bus and someones been caught for this or over riding the shocking thing is they always have the cash in there pocket to pay. Makes you wonder why they chance it.

  4. Well I thought it was a good attempt!
    (sorry, a politically incorrect blog comment)

  5. No, very true it was a good effort. Like i said, she got on at ashton it wasn't until edge lane that my jobsworth instinct forced me to go look again lol.