Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What a shed.

Lucky me. The back half of my split is driving the ashton not so magic bus. Drives nice but lacks a few comforts. Only my second time over broadbottom bridge too so hoping to come off it without a scrape. Empty to ashton for the 1638 237 after this then a part 236 to stalybridge. Simple easy day really.


  1. Anonymous20/1/10 17:22

    I think Broadbottom bridge causes a right headache for allocaters at Stagecoach because there is so little in the fleet that will fit over it.
    Incidently do you know why the two ex Mayne's Scania's were withdrawn? Last i heard was both were being kept at Ashton because they easily fitted over the bridge. I know one was slightly damaged before christmas but surley that could have been repaired?

  2. Anonymous20/1/10 22:33

    saw a volvo b10m on darnton road this morning going to gee cross good number of passengers on board just before 9 am

  3. How come you got that over there? that was prinny rd, really basic chassis, bouncy old thing

  4. Anonymous21/1/10 10:30

    I was on that Magic bus the other day. Where did you get it from?

    Is it an old Arriva vehicle that has been rebranded with the Magic bus livery?

  5. Anonymous21/1/10 15:29

    It came from Bullocks in 2008. Never been with Arriva.

  6. The b10 was on the 389 yesterday. Wasn't the magic bus at uk north before bullocks?

  7. Anonymous21/1/10 17:28

    No Bullocks bought them new. I think the UK north examples were Daf's rather than Olympians but had the same bodies.
    Stott's is the only local company that have any Uk north vehicles.

  8. and First have them dennis arrows from UK north aswell, i'm sure of that.

  9. Anonymous22/1/10 01:12

    No First wouldnt run any Uk north stuff. I can tell you where every Uk north bus is now, most of them are in the scrap yard but non are with First or Stagecoach. Not sure where the arrows came from but was 100% not Uk north.
    Incidently the arrows are surposed to be withdrawn soon and replaced with ex London tridents.

  10. There's at least 2 ex UKNorth Volvo Olympian Alexander RLs with Finchs of Wigan who use them primarly on School Services, one is in Finchs livery and the other is in UKNorths GMBuses livery

    And yes Stotts (Oldham) do have a sizeable fleet of ex UKNorth East Lancs Olympians at the moment

  11. Not to sure why but the Ashtons Magicbus Olympian actually did a 216 on Wednesday morning from Ashton-Manchester

  12. Anonymous22/1/10 22:50

    Thats right Finches do own two and even though they are registered as within Greater Manchester i think most of there School Services now are outside GM.