Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bit Nippy

Not been much to write about apart from bus stuff last couple of months. Now though i managed to get out on my bike once again. It's  abit cold out but it's a nice day. Going out later on the bike but thought i would blow the dust off in Alexandra park in Oldham. It was a bit misty and frozen but there was plenty of people out though at 8am walking dogs and taking pictures. very peaceful time.


  1. Manchester Airport was closed by snow for a few hours this morning.

    Good job my wife flew in yesterday to go visit her mother in Blackpool.

    I've another 6 weeks before I arrive for a few days...hope its warmed up a bit by then!

  2. Anonymous31/1/10 16:43

    Wow. Never been to Alexandra park before but looks really nice. A bit country park-ish. I bet in the summer its lovely.