Wednesday, 29 April 2009

How Much?

Ok, So i'm driving down Burnley Lane in Chadderton and i see this sign in a shop window and had to snap it. I thought a full sheep would be worth more than £2.99.
Anyway i have finished until Tuesday now. Ah well that was the idea. I have been convinced to do a late on Monday night Yes the Bank Holiday Monday.... Oh Well the taxman will at least be happy about it. So off until Monday now. Yiippeeee

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Random Thoughts

Being often random as i am sometimes. I was driving into Oldham tonight and thought i would snap this. Its the old building on the corner of Union Street and King Street.
Now we all know it used to be a nightclub, snooker hall etc etc with allsort of various names such as Froggies, Romeo and Juliets, Butterflies. but isn't it a shame that it is first thing you see when entering a town from the Ashton direction. Nothing has happened to this building for a number or years now and i think the tram has a lot to do with it. This is where it would have passed so the regeneration was put back when we failed to get the tram coming through the town. Anyway there you go. 1 more day of getting up at 4am then i am off for 5 days yippeeee.

On another note. If you can still see the smoke coming form the Oldham area well its because they are still dampening down the Maple mill.
Interesting seeing the steel girders all bent and twisted.

Oh it's early

There are many good points and bad points to my job in relation to working hours. Whilst getting up at 3am isn't the best thing in the world finishing at noon is pretty good. Yes it's summer and i'm still going to work in the dark lol.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday morning,

Today is the first time i have been on the number 7 and the first time i have driven a little dart in service. Which coupled with kids being in school and it's raining a lot means these few seats will be full in no time. Just hope i remember the route!

Sunday, 26 April 2009


This house on broadoak rd in ashton has been run down and boarded up for years. It's a huge building and would look stunning if it was renovated but i don't understand why is hasn't been. Do you know?
Thanks to Linda there are more details Here

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bang! And the dirt is gone

This if you didn't know is called the 'b' of the bang. After a few years of looking rusty and horrid and being unsafe in the slightest of winds it is finally starting it's long road to being removed. The cranes are there the boards are up and the road has been slightly closed. In a way it's a shame because the cost of taking it down will be put onto the people of manchester of which i'm sure most didn't really want it anyway.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Rant Time

So. It's not often things bother me, but today like on many other occasions the GMPTE people have been in Ashton bus station with the little speed camera. Now, you might think that this is a good thing and that a safe speed in a bus station is necessary. Yes it is. However. 5Mph is a silly slow speed which is so hard to stick to. (feel free to try it, Walk backwards on your hands its about that speed). Here they are in this pic trying to catch the drivers who have probably been spat at, sworn at, assaulted, cut up by other motorists, had bricks thrown at the bus, been hit by waterbombs, not all in the same day by the way that would be cause to change career, hoping to catch someone speeding so they can tell there boss who will in turn tell them off.
I found this practice was increased following the deaths of 2 pensioners in a short space of time at Oldham bus station, Which i think was down to the terrible design of the walkways there, hense the improvements they made if you can call them that.
But.... trying to drive at 5mph i find i am too busy watching the speedo rather than the crossings and other buses in the station?
Rant over. I'll find something else to moan about by weekend.

More Oddness!

Heres something you don't see everyday... I finish work, jump on the bike then head towards the canal. As soon as i turn onto the canal i am confronted by the people in this video. Well when i say confronted they say hello. Anyway they are all dressed up in victorian costume on a horse drawn canal boat and are from the Heritage canal something or other.(sorry i didn't write it down at the time). Anyway here they are and because i took an ounce of interest i was asked to shut the lock after they leave?????


Thanks to martinc the website is .Im useless at names. Sorry.

Lucky for some!

This is the they from nobles on Piccadilly towards city tower. As you can see there are lots of people out enjoying the sunshine. I have not seen the water lets working yet though probably broke or i just was not looking properly. I'm not off until next thursday so no sunshine till then for me(

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The end?

Finished work so thought i would come take a look. The dowry street side has gone. There is still some smoke but not much. There are lots of people still here. The residents are even having parties? Odd for a tuesday. Do they not work? Lol anyway i'm sure there are more pics on the net by now so i'll move on.

The next day.

In work now. I am at ashton bus station and the amount of smoke says it's still burning somewhat. One guy at work says it is still glowing as he passed this morning. It sure will change the horizon in Oldham. 100 years it withstood the weather the bombs the vandals now a generator seems to have demolished an entire mill. Feel free to email me your pics from where you can see it from i will post them when i get home. videos welcome too.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Maple Mill Fire, Oldham, Manchester

The skies above Oldham are a little darker tonight. The Maple Mill near my house is alight. I captured a few short videos on a friends phone here they are. If i get chance i will take some more pics later.
Half the mill is now down but the explosions can still be heard.

As per comments on this posting, the mill is no longer standing. The tower still remains but i am not sure how stable this would be now.

More Glossop.

Sometimes this job can be slightly boring. And at the moment i am getting very bored of seeing Glossop. Before there depot shut down i only came up here on sundays. Now i am never away from the place. The roadworks don't help the karma neither. This picture is from henry street towards the market hall where i will be setting off from on a 236 all the way through to manchester. It takes about 4 days in total lol no just feels like it sometimes.

Monday, 20 April 2009

New toy.

Today i am on the 390. It's a very small odd route around Glossop. This is the bus we use. We only have 1 optare at our depot. It's a nice drive. Part Of the afternoon is a primary school i am parked up on a very narrow street waiting for the kids to come out!

All change.

Today the kids are back. Yippee. Not. I am currently waiting time out in ashton on 347. The last trip was quiet but i know this one will be very busy. On a split today so will be in the gym for 10. Nice outside too.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Here we are!

Anyone you know? These are some great people to work with. I would recommend this place to all.

Stagecoach on tour.

So. What do we do when we are not working apart from the healthy stuff like riding bikes and going to the gym lol. Well tonight the ashton elite are out on the town. The newly formed Stagecoach ashton social club are holding the diners night. Tonight is the turn of the brazilian restaurant pau brazil on lever street in manchester. However at the moment we in the crown and kettle on great ancoats st. This is the first time i have been in here and it is a lovely place. This is a pic of the ceiling. Lol.more will follow. If i can type.

Early again!

So. Sat in manchester on a 231. This is the view down towards the arndale it's quiet at the moment. Give it another hour and there will be thousands Of people passing through this shot. There is also some kind of market on near the gardens too. Anyway off i go.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Once more.

This bus was on the 216 earlier today. There appears to have been some problems with the hamburg fans who are visiting to watch the uefa match later and this bus was the victim. More mindless damage which will eventually get charged to the passenger.
PS. The official opening day for the Ashton depot was a couple of weeks ago. It was opened by the Lord Mayor of Ashton. The pictures and details are in the Tameside Advertiser this week i believe. Not seen it yet but its a half a page of something or other.

Lights, camera, action.

This is the view from our building to the yard across the canal. The trucks and trailers you see are a film crew who have been filming around stalybridge and around the canals for the past two weeks. I'm not sure what the programme is but the stars are also on site i think as there are some posh trailers. I hear they are filming in the old market hall in stalybridge tomorrow. So if you fancy a bit of star spotting get down.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nice finish

Forget your walnut finish inside your rolls royce. This is the bus i have this morning. I think it's an old Maynes bus now 15382. What a lovely wood finish it has inside the saloon both up and kind me reminds me of an old sideboard my gran used to have. Lol. Anyway because the schools are off i have an easy morning today.finish at 2 but of course the downside is gettin up at 4am.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Brake time.

Took this at netto in Oldham this morning. It would appear someone has parked up and forgotten to put the handbrake on. Luckily the car park isn't on much of an incline.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Late shift.

Sat at Glossop henry street waiting time out. It's starting to finally go dark. Been a busy couple of trips just got a puncture so had to swap bus. Seems like every day is an adventure lol. Ashton and back to do. Then done for the day. Off tuesday too.

Easter Sunday Outting.

So, Got Easter Sunday off this year. It was a really nice day so i thought i would take the bike and head down the canal towards Marple. Never seems as far on a bus!!!
Anyway took a few pics. Nothing too special but i had a nice day out and might go further next time.
On a late today, Got a swap after the very busy day i had on the 216 on Friday. Not seen it that busy since christmas. So hoping for a nice easy evening in Glossop... Yeah right.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Google saves the day.

Google earth really is great. Today if you didn't notice i am out on the bike. Was dreading cycling up bardsley brew then i found this path from littlemoss to woodhouses on google earth on the mobile. Cool. Might even try a pint in woodhouses to congratulate myself lol.

Daisy nook.

Not been here for years. This is the cafe at daisy nook. Nice bacon butties here if you get chance to stop off. It's busy here at the moment because the fair is on.

Feeling let down!

Out on the bike today. Found this lady feeling very deflated in a tree at guide bridge.
If you hadn't guessed it is a blow up doll. I spotted it as you turn onto Stockport road from Guide Lane on the 347. Its was full inflated a number of weeks ago but she is a little worse for wear now.

Friday, 10 April 2009


Well i have just got to work. Not done anything yet but the mindless thugery from last night is staring us in the face. I have never been able to understand why people take pleasure in throwing bricks at buses with people on. I don't know if anyone was injured yet, hopefully not. Working till 7 today. Hopefully it will be a nice easy day but as all the shops are open and we are running sunday service the chances are it will be busy. We will see. Ps i got a mention in the manchester online blog of the week, thanks for that.

Anyone want a bus?

Small video of some of the old magic buses we are storing before they get sold somewhere. We have about 10 now including a few tri-axle buses.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

No more!

Only just noticed this. Was passing the old jam factory in audenshaw and it's currently being demolished. I didn't even realise it had shut down. I must pay more attention. Can't you tell i am so bored on this 217/218.

More trouble ahead?

This is the junction of market street and ashton new road in droylsden. On most days this junction causes us no end end of problems. The timing of the lights on the new road side is ridiculous. This is where you will get 4 buses on a 6 minute service arriving together. It doesn't take a genius to realise if they made the lights stay green for longer this will improve reliability. This is also where the metrolink will end. So more traffic problems are to be expected. Joy! Anyway Good Friday tomorrow and i'm working. But get saturday sunday off so not too bad. I'm sure i will find something to moan about later or even tomorrow.on 217 today for 5 hours so get to see the hills.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More road chaos!

Well, the schools are off, the roads are quieter but it seems everyone is doing there best to make rush hour more miserable. Even me. Or so you would think. After spending an hour blocking a road in glossop yesterday (which i choose not to write about as it was embarrassing) today i am tasked with baby sitting this MAN bus which has broken down on Ashton new road at the lights at Asda. Traffic at the moment is as far as i can see and i don't think it will get any better. Whilst we have a better than average fleet, problems can of course arise at the worst times. Just hope i get rescued soon because i have run out of bananas.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Another mission.

So here comes part 2. On the 217 starting at Stalybridge through Dukinfield, Droylsden, Clayton then to Manchester. It's not too long on Sundays but through the week it runs as a Circular round Mossley, Tameside Hosp, Ashton. Takes 2 1/2 hours all the way round with the 217 going to Ashton first and 218 Heading off to in the Stalybridge direction. It's still sunny and the roads have once again picked up with shoppers.

Very quiet?

Sundays are a nice day to work. Especially first thing in the morning. It's such a change from the weekday school time rush we have to work with. This morning i am in Ashton bus station about to leave on a 231. Again as in my last post a much complained about route. Basically because it now goes to the hospital on the way to Ashton from littlemoss. It does take a while longer but this is also down to the fact there is a stupid amount of running time from broadoak to Ashton. I could do it quicker on my bike. Anyway got this and then 217. But i'll moan about them later lol.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Out and about.

Well, what a hectic day. Spent most of the morning stuck in glossop in roadworks. Just when i got away from them i got stuck in Dukinfield on the 346. Follow that up with 2 mad busy trips on the much complained about 216 and it all becomes a very hectic day so whats best to wind down. Pub? Bottle of wine in front of the tv? Nah. A trip to the seaside to watch the sunset. I'm in Morcambe it the moment. This picture is looking towards barrow in furness. It's really been cleaned up since i last came here. Onwards to fleetwood and blackpool before home i think. On at 7 tomorrow morning so do need some rest lol.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Rest time.

It sure is hard when the sun is out to have the will to work. This however is our own litte hideaway in the depths of Ashton bus station. Unlike some depots we are based mainly out of the bus station in Ashton. So once we leave the depot on the every 20 minutes taxi we don't return until finish. It's a similar set up at charles street. However because First's Dukinfield depot and Speedwell's Ashton services also use the bus station rest room we have an extra one just for Stagecoach to avoid congestion. Anyway off for a few mind numbing trips round haughton green.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Another school

Doing another school today. This route will take this old scania over broadbottom bridge. Not really built for 10 metre buses and can be a bit scary to drive over. It's a shame i won't get the chance to take a picture of the stagecoach colours that line the sides of the

Isn't this nice.

On a late today. Yippee not. So anyway one benefit is having almost a full day to yourself so as usual i have come out on my bike. This picture is on the top of glodwick lows looking towards lees. At the top of the picture is the church at scouthead.

All alone.

The house in white in the middle is the last in a part of Oldham awaiting demolition. The owners are in dispute about money. It's hard to tell from this picture but it really is in the middle of a huge empty area.