Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bang! And the dirt is gone

This if you didn't know is called the 'b' of the bang. After a few years of looking rusty and horrid and being unsafe in the slightest of winds it is finally starting it's long road to being removed. The cranes are there the boards are up and the road has been slightly closed. In a way it's a shame because the cost of taking it down will be put onto the people of manchester of which i'm sure most didn't really want it anyway.


  1. Sorry but you lost me on this one? Linda

  2. This thing next to sportcity was erected and a sculpture. It's made of steel and bits started to drop off in the wind. After lots of legal issues it is starting to be dismantled. Worth looking up on the manchester online site.

  3. The council started suing the artist for breach of contract and negligence but an out-of-court settlement of £1.7 million was agreed, which will mean that the people of Manchester will not be out of pocket!
    Read more about it here.

  4. It's not called 'B of the Bang'.
    It's called 'C of the Clang' !!
    Am I the only one here who actually liked it?

  5. No, I liked it as well!