Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Last early rise.

Finished my silly 4am starts for this week now. I thought i'd try my poorly shoulder on my bike and come feed the ducks in alexandra park. It's looking very nice this year. This is the bowling green which is looking very well kept. My new bike comes next week sometime so will probably be out more on that.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Idiot of the day goes too!

Had to get out and get a picture of this. This is the crossing on market street at hyde. It's often very very busy. It annoys me that this dhl van has parked here totally blocking the view of people about to cross. I just finished work. Been a very average morning really. 2 trips on a 330 followed by a 346. Easy really. Was going to ride into work but pulled my shoulder this morning doing the very energetic movement of getting out of bed. Should be ok in a few days hopefully. I need to get back into a routine after my two weeks off. Mixed stories today about the 217 and 218s some say the mossley section is staying some say it's going i was going to go ask the boss but forgot. Back in at 430am on the 216s which are taking a pounding again due to some new road works on the new road so i'm not looking forward to them.

Monday, 28 June 2010

back to normal

Been in work since 4am. Done taxis now i have a trip and a half on the 389 which i have not done for ages. Changes are coming on the 217 and 218 with mossley being removed and it will be leaving from shude hill and not going to piccadilly at all. Bad idea i think. We just got this bus back from the paint shop looking pretty good for it's age. Shows the man buses will be with up a bit longer.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

But why?

I'm back in on monday doing staff taxi at 4am but i'm just waiting for a 425 to oldham when this old prisma turns up. It's the 1950 so this bus will be out for the night i'm sure. Why though? We ensure all night buses are enviros. Because the they have cctv and low floor. Whilst i am typing this though the bus has now broke down and ain't going anywhere. The driver has kicked us all off so i'm going for a 409 lol. Happy times

Friday, 25 June 2010

First thing

It's 440am. I'm just waiting time out at the bus station. 3 216s first thing followed by another 2 after breakfast. It's not to bad on there at the moment. I'm in today as overtime as in still on my holidays so to speak. Had a relaxing time really looking forward to normality from tuesday and also my new bike on the first week in july.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Not the best idea!

I'm just in piccadilly grabbing some early morning sun until my 216 leaves and i notice this jpt bus pull up at the lights. One thing we are taught is not to drive around with doors open. Especially in the middle of manchester. People tend to just jump on as the feel if you do and if your just setting off and they end up under the wheels then this causes huge problems for everyone. Working overtime today and friday as i'm still on my summer hols. Finish at 1 so it's a nice easy duty today.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Almost done

Been to halifax and now i have come over to brighouse. Don't fancy the a62 so train to wherever now i think. Have done my 40 miles now. Back home now here is the link to the Tracker with all the pictures on should you wish to look, I wont post too many as a lot look the same. Beautiful still.

Another ride out.

Still off although in tomorrow as overtime so i decided to head up the rochdale canal today towards halifax. It's pretty hot today so am sure i'll burn plenty off today. Just stopped off at stakehill roundabout will post the picks later.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Old Days

This is something you might have seen about. These little plaques were put
into place in the old days to show bus drivers where the bus went lol. These
days we have to remember. One even shows the old A5 route which was one of
the Ashton Little gem services and the one from Hadfield shows the 211
route. Some route changes are being looked at in Glossop at the moment due
to issues with the turning circle (or lack off) at the Royal Oak. And I also
heard that the 217/8 Are going to Shudehill. That I feel is pretty

Longendale Trail

Thought I'd head out to the Longendale trail today. It's been a great ride.
Mottram road wasn't the easiest but nothing to worry about. It's yet another
place that anyone can cycle. Even if you get the train to Hadfield it's a
decent ride to the Woodhead Tunnel. That by the way would be amazing if
bikes could go straight through it too Sheffield. Who knows maybe one day.
Here are a few of the pics.
Also there was a March coming down Oldham road took a few shots of that.

Where am i

Out on the bike today but where is this shot taken. Not too hard i think if it turns out well. I can't really see coz of the sun.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

How annoying

I'm stood in crappy oldhams small bus station waiting for a 425 to home. This lady seems to think the smoking ban doesn't apply to her so i thought i would post her lol.

Merseyside Bike ride

Here is a few pics from the Trans Pennine trail yesterday. Was a very
enjoyable ride and I would recommend it anytime.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rubbish service

I worked 5 - 12 today. After work i hit the trans pennine trail and decided to head to liverpool. Was one of the most enjoyable rides i have ever done and will certainly be heading up further to southport at some point. It's tiring in the heat though especially when you have been up since 3am. I was shocked however at the two car train that turned up at at 6pm. It was so full and hardly the most enjoyable ride i have ever had. Lots of people got off at ashton too. I asked one of them if they get it everynight and he said yes. I then asked why don't they get the bus and the answer was speed. People would rather be squashed up in a small train that runs every twenty minutes that go get the bus. I know what i would prefer anyway. Just a shame bikes can't go on the bus.

Like Ian said, Buses need these.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Back to it

Today is one of them, "why did i offer to do that" days. Sods law it's sunny and i'm in work by choice lol. Oh well at least i'm out in the sunshine. Doing till 4pm then gonna head to the gym i think. I been a bit lazy recently. Got 2 trips on a 216 to start with followed by a glossop and gee cross. Back in at 440 in the morning so might head out on the bike tomorrow afternoon too.

Monday, 14 June 2010

New facebook Group

Noticed a new facebook group has been set up to try to get a faster bus service for Glossop and Hadfield.
It's been set up by one of the driving instructors who must live on the route. If your on facebook might be nice to boost the numbers. the group is called "Give Glossop and Hadfield a Fast bus Service"

I'm back in work tomorrow and Wednesday doing overtime. Not going anywhere for my two weeks off so i thought may as well.
Have changed the layout slightly and colours hope it looks ok.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Worse bus strikes again.

I'm on my last duty before my official summer break starts for two weeks. Two things wrong with this picture. Firstly the first bus parked on the 216 stand because the driver wanted some money and also the engine cover is up on this bendy bus. I am working 4 out of my 14 days off although not sure what days yet. Just a shame my bike can't come a bit sooner. On another note i'm told the x61 is being withdrawn in october and replaced with nothing.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Something different.

Just started work. Another early today but this one is 5 - 2. Longer day but no 216s so thats a bonus. I have not done this one before. It starts with a 219 from stalybridge to manchester. This trip used to be done by hyde road until recently. After i get to ashton i do a 231 to town and back to ashton as another 219. Nice mix as i have not done either for a while. End the day with 2 on a 330 which i don't mind.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Here is the link to the trail i too whilst i was out. It's on my nokia phone nice tool. Well worth using it if you cycle a lot.

Changes to come

I'm just in withington after coming down the loop from work. It's very busy here just as i remember in term time. There are a few depot changes to come very soon. The 42 and 42a buses will all be run by princess road and route learning has begun already. Hyde road are to get the 256 service although this is not 100% yet but it will be a similar service if not. This is in preparation of princess road closing and moving to sharston. Anyway time to carry on. Thing i might head towards the airport.

Where has it gone?

I'm the first bus out of glossop this morning to town. Only a handful on and currently sat at the gunn inn waiting my time out. I came on my bike this morning. I hope the weather picks up. It feels like summer has been and gone already. I'm off for two weeks after my saturday morning duty, well that was the idea. I'm now off for 10 days out of 14 which is ok. Not going away so don't mind coming in helping. Hoping to get out on my bike though after work not sure where yet though. Am thinking down the fallowfield loop again maybe over to the trafford centre.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Little bus

I think this is the smallest bus we have at ashton on regular service. 33098. It's fun to drive and easy when it comes to the usual tight corner at droylsden and fairfield road on the 7 service. Only one of these to do and then 3 trips on the nightmare that is currently the 216. I did the same duty yesterday. Was certainly hard work but managed to do all 3 in a man bus lol. Nothing much going on at the moment apart from my new bike is ordered and will be with me first week in july so i'm a bit giddy now. The sunshine has vanished so the shorts are left at home. And it looks like it will rain for the next 30 years none stop. Apart from all that it's a nice simple day.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

On a lighter note.

This is a funny. I joined this group months ago. This will be worth a few pictures of anyones camera and for a good cause too.

Early staff bus

Well it's 430am i'm just on sunnyside road in droylsden waiting to pick a driver up. Been a few weeks since i drove the b10. Really is a shame we don't use them in service anymore. This is such a lovely drive and very fast too. It wouldn't have boy problems keeping time on the 216s. Only got two pick ups then i'm on the afore mentioned 216s for 3 trips followed by a 330 i think although i'm not too sure as i have not written it down yet. Off tomorrow so a few beers in the garden and a dip in the pool will be in order later i think.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Not long now

Only a trip back to ashton on this 7 and i'm done. Think i might head to head and pick up the trans pennine trail to glossop when i'm done. Seems a nicer run than mottram road. Although it's getting pretty warm out here now. I wouldn't like to be sat at the back of this scania anyway near the engine.

Lovely day

Been on late duties all week so it's nice now the sun is out to do a couple of earlies. Started at 545 and finish at 1pm which is nice. Just a couple of 330s and a single trip on a 7. Have come on my bike today. Not long till i get my new one so i will see where i end up later on. It will certainly be a pretty warm afternoon. Just hope i can stay on it this time however almost recovered now from my little fall.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Crazy day

I'm just waiting time out in town. I notice the road has been closed for roadworks and the 192 is currently picking up opposite our stand. I bet it's going to be hammered at 5pm down here. not sure which was it's going but the amount of 192s that leave at peak time will certainly not help with traffic around this part of town. The gardens are very busy too with the sun being out. Kids are playing in the fountain and the pick pockets are hovering about lol. Wouldn't like to be down here later on. I believe the road works are on for a few weeks too.

Back to work

Just back at work after a nice day off. Easy 10 - 6 today with 2 on a 216 and glossop and gee cross after on a 346. Not much parking space in our place so i'm at the top end which sometimes feels like miles away especially when it's raining. In till saturday now easy days though with the kids being off.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Day off

I'm just waiting for the bus home in oldhams smaller horrid bus station. However not as horrid as the big one. I noticed a couple of things on the service change notice. Firstly a shuttle to dovestones from uppermill and greenfield and more oddly a single bus from mossley to manchester and a single return trip in the evening all run by checkmate. The one to town is 0710 from mossley and 1600 from town. Hardly the busiest of times to run it. Is this just to stop dead mileage if they start a 220 in town in the morning? Who knows. I'm sure these trips will have keen eyes watching them though.