Thursday, 17 June 2010

Merseyside Bike ride

Here is a few pics from the Trans Pennine trail yesterday. Was a very
enjoyable ride and I would recommend it anytime.


  1. Your camera phone takes nice quality pics,even of a quite industrial scene! Me & the mrs are going to get on ashton canal and pedal towards stalybridge and on , i have never been that way!
    Before I moved to ashton, I used to cycle the last part of the trans pennine,from my hometown of hadfield , to woodhead tunnel, everyday after work.It can be quite funny, on your way to the tunnel,you are bowling along,you turn round to come back,and the wind is that strong its like trying to ride through a brick wall!
    Got my fingers crossed for my interview tomorow,maybe able to put a face to a blog if i get on,although my friend Colin reckons he knows who you are :-)

  2. the Pennines fail to disappoint. The northern scenery is fantastic

  3. Nice photos & agreed with Chris about the industrial ones :>]

  4. Im sure you will be ok tomorrow Chris. Im the good looking one if you need to spot me lol. You can always add the blog email address on fb if you are that bothered. Have a good drive tomorrow.