Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Back to it

Today is one of them, "why did i offer to do that" days. Sods law it's sunny and i'm in work by choice lol. Oh well at least i'm out in the sunshine. Doing till 4pm then gonna head to the gym i think. I been a bit lazy recently. Got 2 trips on a 216 to start with followed by a glossop and gee cross. Back in at 440 in the morning so might head out on the bike tomorrow afternoon too.


  1. Anonymous15/6/10 10:52

    i do like the new layout keep up the good work you do on it i look each day and enjoy it is the picture taken from the b10 shuttle bus on clarence st thank you

  2. I am coming over for an inspection tour tomorrow.

  3. Must I do like the new layout and the colours to me have a certain summer feel to them, looks quite smart and well laid out.

    Nice to see another photo of 20938, I was on 20942 which is at Shafton (South Yorkshire) Depot a couple of weeks ago, nice vehicle

  4. I think we have started painting the B10s up to ship to other places now. This is a great drive will miss it when it finally leaves us.
    Inspection tour of where?

  5. Yep the B10Ms are going to various operations around the UK and most if not all will become Training vehicles. The one i saw in the paintshop the other week at Hyde Road has gone to Oxford apparently.
    Shame to see them go.

  6. Hi I am back from holiday good to see this bus running as far as I know 20933/36 are due for Oxford