Thursday, 17 June 2010

How annoying

I'm stood in crappy oldhams small bus station waiting for a 425 to home. This lady seems to think the smoking ban doesn't apply to her so i thought i would post her lol.


  1. Not setting much of an example to the 2 schoolkids alongside eh?

  2. It's a good job i'm polite and i know my bosses read this lol

  3. I totally agree with you on both counts, why oldham can't have one bus station , instead of 3 is beyond me.

  4. Oh Stop it.
    You know if she stops smoking she will put on weight!

    here's a link regarding toddlers

  5. Mark Amis24/6/10 12:12

    Three bus stations? You aren't counting the old OCPTD one at mumps are you?

    the reason there are two (Cheapside and West St) is that there wasn't enough room on the Cheapside site for a full bus station, the smaller West St one is a vastly tarted up version of the group of bus stops that used to be there.
    This arrangement is a lot better that the old bus station at Town Square at the opposite end of the shoping centre.