Sunday, 20 June 2010

Longendale Trail

Thought I'd head out to the Longendale trail today. It's been a great ride.
Mottram road wasn't the easiest but nothing to worry about. It's yet another
place that anyone can cycle. Even if you get the train to Hadfield it's a
decent ride to the Woodhead Tunnel. That by the way would be amazing if
bikes could go straight through it too Sheffield. Who knows maybe one day.
Here are a few of the pics.
Also there was a March coming down Oldham road took a few shots of that.


  1. Now you know why I long to return to my native Hadfield !
    We got stuck in the traffic behind the parade,so hung a left just before the hop pole and cut accross lordsfield and down cowhill lane!

  2. I do a race round there every year called the gravy 6 which starts next to a train stn just yards from the trail

  3. That "march" was a Whit Walk.

    I have put a number of photos of last Sunday's Whit Walks in Ashton here.