Monday, 29 June 2009

Drive out

Hate tennis so come for a drive out. Ended up on top of a big hill surrounded by more hills.

Nice views. Took this pic any ideas where it is?

way home

Just on the way home from blackpool. Was gonna get the x61 to manchester but it doesn't go till 10am. So got a 68 to preston on now train. Preston bus station is old but very big. Makes a mockery of piccadilly gardens i think.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

another why?

Why would you want to be propelled at three trillion mph to the top of a pole just to come back down. Is this really fun. Soon be pub time i think.

why would you?

I cannot understand why anyone would want to be thrown around on these rides i am such a soft arse when it comes to these things. Good day today pretty quiet though. Looks like there was some sort of bus rally on the way in. Got a few of the older guys talking lol.

on tour

Good old gb coaches are taking the ashton elite to blackpool for the day. Just set off hopefully will be a nice day.

Friday, 26 June 2009

about time too

Too many times you might get on a bus and see the driver struggling with the ticket machine roll banging it getting annoyed or just give up and let everyone on for free. Well good news. It's going to continue. This is the new ticket machine we are having thoughout manchester. The idea is good. It has gps tracking and the features will make life a little easier. But the printing technology is the same and so is the paper rolls so i an sure that people will still try pulling the ticket out before it has finished printing and balls it all up lol. Morons

friday yippee

Just finished work nice easy morning sat on great ancoats street. Anyway i have come along lees new road instead of oldham road. It's very nice out too. Nice long weekend off now. The depot is off to blackpool sunday so that should be fun. Not sure where to head to no though.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


This driver on the bendy bus decides to let the entire bus off in the middle of piccadilly inbetween two of our buses. I missed the shot of the pram getting off from the front door. It's busy enough on here without other drivers making it harder. Just up to ashton now on 231 then dinner.

summer changes

I'm currently sat enjoying the sun at littlemoss terminus. Well what bit of sun there is. On the 231 which turns around here. Won't be doing these for long as they are being transferred to another depot. Shame it's a nice easy 3 1/2 hours. We instead are doing the 330s and 389s. Not done the route learnin yet but should be a nice change when we get them. New ticket machines new routes oh arn't we spoilt lol.

Monday, 22 June 2009

marching on.

Sat in piccadilly. Some sort of march rally demonstration kind of thing going on. Very noisy.

monday again

Just on my first trip of the day just down to town and back on 216. There have been road works on great ancoats street since time began, or so it seems. Just as you start to think they are nearly over. Someone puts a sign up saying gas mains renewal work soon. Brilliant. Can't wait. Anyone using the buses along here might as well walk soon.

Friday, 19 June 2009

where am i?

Well this is from earlier today. A very odd route with a very odd group of people. Any idea where this is. It's a 30 minutes service we run from the ashton depot lol. Anyway off all weekend so out on the lash tonight and tomorrow. Ashton elite are out tomorrow on a greek night.

Oh if it helps the bus takes the next turn on the left which you can see.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

super driving

This is what driving too close to a bus does for you. This idiot followed the bendy bus to it's bus stop and ended up blocking the crossing at lever street. Didn't have the brains to reverse out.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

more overtime!

Was on a 1 - 9 today but offered to cover one of the 219s that run into the late evening. Unfortunatly come off late and driving regs mean i cannot get onto the next bus until 2115. Not good to say i am due out at 2103. This trip will be missed tonight and i will catch myself up in manchester. So sat in canteen waiting time out.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Stormy Skies

Oh it's been a very rainy day. Was on the 236 earlir when it really came down. Just nipped down to work in the car and took these few pics. Shame i still don't have my super phone camera thing back but this will have to do for now. Nice to see people who are out and about in summer clothes getting wet. lololol

looking good

This was! Denton market. Looks very nice now. Thats if you like concrete and water. Prefer to have the nice chippy back.

very bored

It's 5am. Been up since 3. Got bored so thought i would have a play with this spare phone. Hoping for a quiet day although i an workin till 4 so anything can happen.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

day off

Off today. My day off has been. Into oldham to the pub now off to ashton to the pub. Wish we had these volvos though. They seem a really good bus. Dennis buses feel very cheap. Won't get in to the souter politics lol.

Friday, 12 June 2009

the end.

Just got to macc. Waiting for train. A few beers and some food will be called for i think.

lost maybe?

Even google maps can't tell me where i am now. Although i have a feeling there is no burger king anywhere close. Getting hungry now.

stop 3

It's so quiet on the canal today. The last trip a few weeks ago was a lot harder as there were so many people. Although it was a sunday. Getting the train from macc to manchester so if anyone has the chance to get train prices please feel free to comment with the price about 5ish today. Ta

second stop

Just come over a tunnel somewhere. About to go down these steps now.

out and about.

Finished at 1 and it's too nice to go home so the plan is to cycle to macclesfield or until i get bored. Just had first stop off just past hyde. Locals will know where i am.

how very odd.

What a strange morning. I am sat at the gun inn at mottram with 10 minutes to wait. I left glossop 5 minutes late because i knew you got plenty of time on this trip. But 10 minutes. I have got off to read my paper. It's so embarrassing sometimes i really don't know who comes up with the timings but them should be ashamed for this one.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

extra time

Slight hitch today. I was finishing at 1. Been taked into doing another 2 hours on the 7. Just got to stockport and get 10 on the bus park before going back. Later than expected trip to the gym but i will manage. Got a 30 miles bike ride tomorrow when i finish at 1 so not too much today.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

changing landscapes

Not sure how this will turn out off this 2mp nokia. Might have to take it again another time. This is a great view from the 346 route at the top of crescent road. Ikea is clearly visible from here and all the higher ground around ashton and oldham. Proved to be a good attraction if you can call it that. Although wish people would not try to get wardrobes onto a bus!

how old is this.

The dart i had this morning had this old relic fitted. I'm sure most people will know what it was. I remember the vast amount of cards that went in it. There was one for all fares and then cheaper versions for off peak. It was the original oyster card lol. But was so open to fraud. This is a clippercard machine. Still wired up too.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hadfield Wood Recyclers tut tut tut

Hadfield wood recyclers must have a special dispensation to park on crossings. Not with 1 truck with a trailer but with 2!!!
This was take moments ago on Ashton road in Oldham. Pathetic.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

more stupid drivers

What a weekend for idiots. There was a car on the bt roundabout going the wrong way and i had a pensioner coming at me on the dual carriageway at Ashton moss the wrong way managed to get these shots before they got moved on. Oh and phone is not fixed so still on low qual.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

More roadworks

Isn't it wonderful. The powers that be have decided to dig up more of the road at Droylsden i just got in 30 minutes late. All the 216s are stuck in it and we are getting so much far ache. Thank you metrolink.

Another oops

This first bus just came around the corner and swiped out number 7. Oops

Where is this,

Yeah got my c905 back. Just passed this building on my way to work. It used to be something else. Any guesses what? Finally back to decent pics too.

Friday, 5 June 2009

still nice out.

Just starting. Got an easy day today on 231 then 7s. Finish at 9 boooo. Just on taxi to ashton. Good old scania acquired from maynes. Still very warm out hoping it rains soon.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

last early

No more getting up at 3 this week. Just waitin time out at 347 stand in ashton. One more trip then it's shreddies time.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

where i just been.

View from the road above greenfield station. Wish i had my phone with me the view is amazing

just rewards

See. I mentioned it before finishing at 12 is a great treat for getting up at 3am. Just come up the canal from work on the way to dovestones. Got a wiff of food and thought i best try some. It's very hot today and i forgot the sun lotion and the tools for the bike so a little apprehensive at the moment. Luckily i got my magic bus pass.

easy life for some.

Once again this guy is sat in a garden chair pointing his gun at buses. I think he should have this thing on a tripod to make it work properly. But what a cushy number and yet another way to make the job more difficult. Oh this is in ashton for a change if you didn't know.

Ashton depot

I know i posted a pic last week but for the spotters here are some more of the buses in our yard. Got 231 this morning followed by a trip on 216 later. Easy day. Maybe. Come on the bike too and would like to think i will cycle up to dovestones later but we will see.

Monday, 1 June 2009

brake time.

Oh it's hard out here today. Luckily the bus had a fan to make sure i got the hot air in my face. Off onto the market for some fatty horrid food.well deserved treat.

bad technology

My trusty old phone has had a bit of a problem so i have my spare nokia n70. it's only a 2mp so some pics might not be as good as usual. back in work as normal now shame as the sun is out once more.