Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bad practice

Back to work today after a long weekend off. Was walking through Ashton
yesterday on the way to look around the shops and noticed this first bus
emptying the bus in the middle of the crossing. I don't like seeing this
sort of thing because if anyone trips the bus is stuck there until an
ambulance comes. Not ideal at all. Not posted for a while as I have had a
weeks holiday and then only a few days in before my long weekend which
included the Stagecoach Ashton trip to the Southport Airshow. It's hard to
take pictures of planes going silly speeds through the air so I won't post
too many. I did notice though Southport looks like a great cycling area so
might be visiting on my bike very soon. On a late today so I got to have a
good lie in before heading down to Stockport later.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Small Trip Out

On holiday this week so today i managed to get out on my bike. Headed into Manchester first of all where i found this tram broken down at the market street stop causing all sort of problems. Someone said is had derailed but i couldnt see where.
Then i headed off down to St Peters square to find a car on the roof of the library. Odd way of advertising. But interesting.

Finally i ended up going through Flixton, Urmston and ending up at Chorlton Water park. On the way back i passed the new tram line at St Werburghs Road. I believe it is already running here and will finally go on to East Didsbury.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Rare site

It's not often you see a London bus in stagecoach colours but here is one just out of the paint shop at Hyde Road. Still with it's London blinds installed it's looking very well indeed. Don't think it will be working in Manchester though. There are 4 ex London tridents in Hyde road at the moment all having there rear doors removed and i assume, all being painted up in Stagecoach colours. Been working in town today doing a few different things but back in Ashton tomorrow. Off next week so i'm looking forward to a week of rest. Although i'm sure i'll be out on my bike most of the week.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New arrivals

Just coming in for my late shift in town and noticed a few new buses parked out the back. Not sure why they are here yet though. I'm hoping for an easy evening.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Big job

Been in ashton all week and have had a ride out on my bike everynight after work. Earlier i just went into Manchester and then back up the Rochdale canal heading for home. I had to come off the canal just outside town as the tow path was shut. It looks like a big job going on to link the canal to the newly built islington wharf. Should be nice when it's done. Thats if the plan is to do that! Tomorrow is a treat for me. Overtime driving at Ashton. A couple of trips on the 330 with two trips to Glossop bringing up the rear. Should be busy as the carnival is on up there tomorrow. Looking forward to getting behind the wheel.