Friday, 8 July 2011

Rare site

It's not often you see a London bus in stagecoach colours but here is one just out of the paint shop at Hyde Road. Still with it's London blinds installed it's looking very well indeed. Don't think it will be working in Manchester though. There are 4 ex London tridents in Hyde road at the moment all having there rear doors removed and i assume, all being painted up in Stagecoach colours. Been working in town today doing a few different things but back in Ashton tomorrow. Off next week so i'm looking forward to a week of rest. Although i'm sure i'll be out on my bike most of the week.


  1. no they are not part of the fleet where they are going who knows

  2. Just found out they are going to Glasgow.

  3. Ive read that the new terminus for 236/7 will apply from 24th July - what would the affected people do when it happens?

    Think the 390 is staying unchanged - only the Bowers 393 goes up there now (shirebrook) - wont get people very far, only to Glossop and Hadfield

    Does anyone know if the 392 (Glossop - Gamesley) still operated these days?

    Through out the week ive seen some MANS on the 330.