Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bad practice

Back to work today after a long weekend off. Was walking through Ashton
yesterday on the way to look around the shops and noticed this first bus
emptying the bus in the middle of the crossing. I don't like seeing this
sort of thing because if anyone trips the bus is stuck there until an
ambulance comes. Not ideal at all. Not posted for a while as I have had a
weeks holiday and then only a few days in before my long weekend which
included the Stagecoach Ashton trip to the Southport Airshow. It's hard to
take pictures of planes going silly speeds through the air so I won't post
too many. I did notice though Southport looks like a great cycling area so
might be visiting on my bike very soon. On a late today so I got to have a
good lie in before heading down to Stockport later.


  1. I watched that 409 unload in middle of the road.

    Ive seen more old darts being 40001/40356 today, seems like the newer darts are dissapearing.

    Are Ashton getting Any newer darts by any chance?

    Saw MAN 22189 on 347, probably the summer time routine.

  2. news on First Ashton

    40001/337/38/39/41/43/44/47 are all there

    of the newer darts 40380/82/84/403/33 where still there in service today

    I have read on a thread that the dennis arrows etc might be going to be replaced by T reg volvos

  3. Its worth saying that the odd Stagecoach driver does this too, mainly outside the bus station or in the layover area, but First do seem to do it more and more. Whats more worrying is that most of the Dukinfield drivers where earphones and ive spotted several with blue tooth sets in their ears, not something a big company like First should be allowing!

  4. more news on First Ashton

    31933/39/48/52 have gone to Bolton and 31951 to Oldham

  5. Just followed a 231 bus up Mossley Road and it turned right onto Darnton Road to the Hosptal is this a new route or was the driver lost?

  6. Anonymous27/7/11 15:56

    yeah this is the new route they go in via the new main entrance and go round the grounds

  7. Dave Williams27/7/11 20:23

    Don't think the aeroplanes in the second picture are going at 'silly speeds'.

    Not if they're headed towards a Licensed Bar............

  8. Anonymous27/7/11 23:27

    mic i saw 31939 today in ashton so its not gone yet and 31952 was in the depot yesterday

  9. 31939 had been at Bolton for its mot been done thanks for this I guess these older darts will go back to Bolton

    I saw 40341 yestaday with just a service number and on loan to First Pioneer in the front window

  10. anonymous

    are you sure it was 31939 as they have 31929 aswell and that is been used a lot now only double decks seen since schools shut down are 31927/29/38

    also 31943 seems to have gone

  11. Anonymous30/7/11 16:25

    no deffo 39 ill have a look to see what deckers are in depot on sunday see what ill find and update when poss cheers j

  12. thanks mate have you seen anything of 40361/69/40406 there has been a report that 40369 has moved over to chester but not yet confirmed

  13. Ive heard that the Derbyshire half fare rail plan with Derbyshire concessionary passes (Derbyshire Gold card) considered to be been withdrawn from some time in August 2011 leaving Elderly and disabled people in Derbyshire facing higher rail costs.

    Also the GMPTE concessionary passes still have entitlements to free rail and Metrolink within *Greater Manchester*. Ive heard many people saying the same thing that Derbyshire may lose half fare rail travel when GMPTE keep their *FREE rail and Metrolink travel*

    Ive not heard or seen anything on 40361/69/406

  14. just had lastest news on First Ashton 31933/48 are in service at Bolton, 31939/52 still stored at Ashton and 31951 stored at Oldham

    there are rumors that T reg volvo double decks are coming in september if this is true my guess would be from Sheffield

  15. Anonymous1/8/11 22:06

    Anyone know what the First double deck buses being stored at Evans Halshaw Vehicle Rentals on Mosley Rd in Trafford Park are for? Can't really see from the 250 why they are there, but they look like . There seems to be arround 4 or 5. Also I've seen what looks to be a JPT bus parked up there too. From the very limited view, they look like Wright Eclipse Geminis

  16. Anonymous2/8/11 19:23

    In my previous post, I of course meant the Volvo dealership on 5th Ave, not Evans Halshaw!!

  17. 31943 still in service at Ashton