Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Something different.

I'm currently on the A6 at stockport watching 192s. This bus was in the depot. It was involved in an accident a few months ago and seems to have come out a little more colourful. The numbers above the door and the side logo are both very different to the rest of the fleet making this bus a little unique to anyonne slightly interested in buses.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Changes In Glossop

This the is Old Glossop terminus oddly in Old Glossop. From what i read the 236/237 services will be coming up here. Maybe 15 years ago when there was less cars about and people respected bus routes as important then that would be fine.
These days though i think it might be a rough ride for the drivers.
This terminus firstly needs double yellow lines. The main reason being, at weekends this area is full of the cars of walkers who head up into the Derbyshire moors and once they are gone there is no coming back for hours. I can sense now getting calls to go and reverse a MAN bus around the narrow roads surrounding this area.

And it's not just the terminus thats a difficult drive....
The route upto it is also a little tricky with overhanging trees that have not seen a double decker bus in many years and a nice challenging road which would be interesting if a waggon from the industrial units at the top of the road comes down at the same time!
Then there is the turn outside the Queens arms..

Looks simple enough but a 12 metre MAN bus makes it a challenge once more.
Then once you pass this, The parked cars all the way down Manor Park Road make for a tricky head on stand off with 4 x 4s who don't want to stop for buses.

However apart from all this. I think more people will be served by the bus coming this way and that the turning around procedure might be made a little easier. As for the folk who live up at the royal oak well maybe at some point the 390 might head up that way who knows.
Will be interesting times for the people of Glossop though.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Missing out! :(

It's a glorious day in manchester this morning. Lots of people in Piccadilly gardens and buses running well. However i'd much rather be at Ashton today. It's the stagecoach manchester, driver of the year finals. So no pictures of that today. Instead a lovely view of the fountain in the gardens. Finish at 4 so i'll get some sunbathing in before the end of the day.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Day Off

As I said earlier I was out on my bike today. Found this little gem of a
place and I didn't have to travel far for it. This is Medlock Valley way I
believe and runs from the Bay Horse at Clayton Bridge to the bottom of Bank
Street. I found it a very peaceful place indeed. Was nice to explore it a
little and will be using it as a cut through from now on. I'm back in work
tomorrow at Ashton. Although looking at the lights set up on the New Road at
the moment I would rather be doing something else!

Where am i

Another place that has turned up and suprised me. I didn't know this was here. Just out on a ride not sure where too yet though.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Trip out

No work this weekend so I decided to head off out on the mountain bike.
Starting with a ride through Heaton Park then headed out to Agecroft and
Salford and then ended up in Liverpool, like you do!

I have done this route before and had forgot how boring the East Lancs Road

It all looks the same.

Pictures were a bit boring but here are a few I took including the X2 just
leaving to Preston.

I got the train back with this being my first decent ride of the year didn't
want to tire myself out too much.

Hope the weather improves for more days out.

I'm back in work tomorrow but off Tuesday so I'm already planning my next
ride. Although I know the East Lancs won't be at the top of the list.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Almost weekend

Was on a survey last night on Wilmslow road and noticed the Enviro 300 we have on the 111s not often you see it on there. Oddly there was also a magic bus and a green bus on the same route. Off to Ashton today once one. I'm just hoping the temporary lights are kind today as Tuesday was a rough day on the 216s. I'm sure you all read about 19065 going under the bridge at george road stockport. I had a look around it last night and got a couple of pictures but don't think i'd be allowed to share them on here sadly.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Creepy weather

Back in ashton today. Been a very busy day thanks to Take That! Only one more day of disruption left but i won't be seeing it as i am off. Still lots of interest in the new buses at Ashton with a chap from Newcastle coming to check them out today. I didn't realise how die hard some enthusiasts are. After talking to a few of them over past few weeks i think maybe a manchester open day wouldn't be such a bad idea. And Ashton would be ideal for it. Who knows maybe one day. Back in on monday in Piccadilly. This picture is today showing the ever changing weather.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Just a quick one

Thought i'd share this from yesterday. I'm sure we all got caught up in it somewhere. This wasa great storm with thunder, lightning hail and rain. I got pretty wet anyway. Off today so had a nice relaxing day doing nothing. Back in tomorrow on a late shift.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Not so bright day.

Very mixed weather today in Ashton. Just finished work for the day and thought i'd share this rainbow thats very prominent. Been a mad day with lots of people about heading to watch take that once more. Back here tomorrow. No concert though so should be a simple day.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Last one

Ashton bus station has attracted lots of enthusiasts this week all trying to get the new bus collection in pictures. One has eluded them. 36430 has not yet been delivered to ashton depot and i think this is it. Sat in hyde road depot waiting to get it's numbers. The other picture is the old bee line buz company vehicle which is getting a repaint after having a new engine in it. It'll be back to the museum when it's done.