Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Almost weekend

Was on a survey last night on Wilmslow road and noticed the Enviro 300 we have on the 111s not often you see it on there. Oddly there was also a magic bus and a green bus on the same route. Off to Ashton today once one. I'm just hoping the temporary lights are kind today as Tuesday was a rough day on the 216s. I'm sure you all read about 19065 going under the bridge at george road stockport. I had a look around it last night and got a couple of pictures but don't think i'd be allowed to share them on here sadly.


  1. Anonymous16/6/11 08:37

    i remember when i first started with stagecoach at charles street. using george's road as a shortcut or through-route, in any bus, was a no-no...

  2. seen 36430 on the 347 route the missing bus

  3. 36430 has been in service on 346/347 for a few days now, Thats all 15 of them at Ashton.

    Absence of 22120 which ive not seen over a week now, no where to be seen, Has anyone seen it?

    22160 been present around Ashton for the last 2 days, probably remained at Ashton by surprise during transfers.

    Was there anyone on the top floor of 19065 when it went under the bridge?

  4. 22160 is given as withdrawn on lastest fleet list but I saw it today

  5. 22120 was on the 216 today. 22160 was on the 217 today. Freshly painted.

  6. M Branson16/6/11 22:04

    22165 is still around too. Caught it on a 218 yesterday.

    I hadn't heard about the Stockport bus crash, but just did a quick Google and looks like no-one was injured. Stockport Express have done a very small article on it with a picture.

  7. 22165 is still on fleet list at Ashton the bus that hit the bridge was 19065

    also first Bolton are getting 11 brand new buses

  8. The bridge on George Road is only 12'-9"
    The height of an Enviro400 is around 14'-5" - there is no way it could fit under the bridge.

  9. 22105 on 345 service, do they run MANs on the 345 now? - if so, whats going on with 28506/7?

    19080 is back in service after such a long time missing, it was on the 330 service, why has it been absent for so long?
    The engine doent sound it's best, keeps making squealing noise when accelerating.

  10. Mans are fine on the 345. 28506 was back at Ashton yesterday following it's new paint job and cctv installation. Although it had a little bump in the depot so it won't be out until thats fixed. 19080 also been in the paint shop. The engine has always made that noise for some reason but she is one of ashtons finest enviros.