Friday, 3 June 2011

Last one

Ashton bus station has attracted lots of enthusiasts this week all trying to get the new bus collection in pictures. One has eluded them. 36430 has not yet been delivered to ashton depot and i think this is it. Sat in hyde road depot waiting to get it's numbers. The other picture is the old bee line buz company vehicle which is getting a repaint after having a new engine in it. It'll be back to the museum when it's done.


  1. yes it is 34630 I have a fleet list and just checked it

  2. Which museum is the preserved yellow bus at?

    Anyone seen 28506/7 (scania buses)- not seen them lately

  3. still on fleet list as based at Ashton which is updated to 1st May

  4. M Branson5/6/11 11:05

    Yay, nice to see we will eventually have all 15!

    On a different matter, I hear a rumour that in about mid-July the 204/206 will return pretty much to pre-service change state due to passenger complaints that the new 206 service (1) takes too long to get to Manchester, (2) does not go into Hyde Bus Station, (3) provides less service between Hyde, Haughton Green and Denton than the 204 did, and (4) does not serve Crown Point.

  5. M Branson6/6/11 12:32

    Mic, this is 36430, not 34630.

  6. If they made changes to the 204/206 services - the 206 currently serves Gee Cross, if the changes were made would Stagecoach look into other routes and possibly re-route a service to serve Gee Cross again.

  7. I thought the only change to the 206 was it running via stockport road rather than waverley road!

  8. M Branson7/6/11 19:48

    They'll need a service to go via Waverley Road as well methinks. Or will Stagecoach be leaving TfGM to bridge that gap? Or will Stagecoach and TfGM both come to the conclusion that Waverley Road just ain't worth serving?

    One of the dilemmas I think may be, is that with the 330 being so great and popular and direct and frequent and well known, it is sucking passenger numbers off some of the surrounding lesser services. Same with the 201 (and a similar thing with the 204).

    Let's face it, most people want to board a frequent and direct service that runs from earlier in the morning to later at night 7 days a week, rather than a meandering "round-the-houses" route that doesn't come as often. Only natural! So whilst it may be necessary to serve the lesser estates, they'll never have the status of the frequent "straight there" routes and passenger numbers will continue to dwindle to the point where we have a downward spiral of less and less passengers, frequency reductions and route curtailment.

    This is one of the reasons why the 204/206 change was so unpopular among most people (i.e. people that don't live in either Gee Cross, Denton [Town Lane/Ruby Street], or West Gorton). The service just got a whole lot less attractive to them.