Monday, 27 June 2011

Changes In Glossop

This the is Old Glossop terminus oddly in Old Glossop. From what i read the 236/237 services will be coming up here. Maybe 15 years ago when there was less cars about and people respected bus routes as important then that would be fine.
These days though i think it might be a rough ride for the drivers.
This terminus firstly needs double yellow lines. The main reason being, at weekends this area is full of the cars of walkers who head up into the Derbyshire moors and once they are gone there is no coming back for hours. I can sense now getting calls to go and reverse a MAN bus around the narrow roads surrounding this area.

And it's not just the terminus thats a difficult drive....
The route upto it is also a little tricky with overhanging trees that have not seen a double decker bus in many years and a nice challenging road which would be interesting if a waggon from the industrial units at the top of the road comes down at the same time!
Then there is the turn outside the Queens arms..

Looks simple enough but a 12 metre MAN bus makes it a challenge once more.
Then once you pass this, The parked cars all the way down Manor Park Road make for a tricky head on stand off with 4 x 4s who don't want to stop for buses.

However apart from all this. I think more people will be served by the bus coming this way and that the turning around procedure might be made a little easier. As for the folk who live up at the royal oak well maybe at some point the 390 might head up that way who knows.
Will be interesting times for the people of Glossop though.

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  1. Anonymous13/7/11 13:43

    This change is now not happening. The 236/237 will turn by using Shirebrook Drive from 4th September.