Friday, 24 June 2011

Where am i

Another place that has turned up and suprised me. I didn't know this was here. Just out on a ride not sure where too yet though.


  1. Thats Denton train station, it is mostly freight trains that use the line now.

    Few months ago ive seen 347 on some bus stop flags on Audenshaw road that the 219 uses to join onto Manchester road. Not been on 219 for a while. Is the 347 being re-routed by any chance?

  2. Never been there but Denton station would have been my guess. Currently served by one train per week, on Friday mornings, from Stockport to Stalybridge.

  3. exazdriver24/6/11 21:59

    Benzo, if i remember right there is a school variation of the 347 that uses Audenshaw Rd.