Thursday, 25 August 2011


It seems the metrolink roadworks are getting closer to the bus station. Whilst i have seen a great service on the 216s for the past few days, the narrowing of oldham road and Lord Sheldon way is causing all sorts of issues with the 7, 217, 168 and 169. Not helped by stupid car drivers stopping in the yellow box on the bus station exit. Had 4 days in Ashton today and last day in town tomorrow before 4 days off. Well deserved days off too if i may say so myself. Hoping to hit the trans pennine trail on saturday weather depending.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nice change

I'm in Manchester centre today and thought a trip in on the bus would be a nice change. Seems a while since i came in on the bus. Roads look ok at the moment on the 216 but thats always the case until lunchtime. It's also nice to see how the tram works are getting on.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Paint shop

Took this the other day. I don't really get chance to snap anything obscure anymore due to the job. But here we are. This is ashton bus 19066 which has had new panels as well as a new coat of paint coming up. They do look pretty nice when they come out though. Especially the older buses. Ashton bus station today and for once it's been a pretty nice day. The only problem being the 330 suffering due to roadworks both in Gee Cross and in Stockport. But all in all nice quiet day. Tomorrow is a nice change too. Piccadilly tomorrow on an early so early night for me. Need a new phone too i think. There is a glow with the pictures i take with this and it's getting annoying now. Will have a look around. Oh and forgot to mention. Not much happening on the bike this summer due to injury but all ok now, back in the gym and hoping for some nice rides out soon.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Far away

I'm at chorlton bus station this morning for a while before heading into manchester to finish the day off. Early duties this week but this is the furthest i have to travel from home. It's a 30 mile round trip today which doesn't do my fuel tank anygood but suppose it's part of the job. Been a scary week this week with the riots in town but luckily i was off when it was going on. Back in Ashton tomorrow for a couple of days.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Stupid drivers.

I forgot to post this the other day. This is sunnyside road in littlemoss. The council have kindly abolished the bus layby at the bus stop outside the shop so that cars can use it. However this half wit seemed to have trouble doing the simplest of driving tasks luckily no bus came whilst she was in the shop. 4 days off at the moment before my Ashton bus station stint continues. It's not an easy day at the moment working up here. Everything goes great until 1130 then all of a sudden droylsden comes to a standstill. Someone somewhere must be able to make the temporary lights a little more efficient. I here the trams will be running to the stadium for match days. That should take some pressure off us i hope. Anyway not much else to mention. Off car booting this morning. Not been for years so here hoping for a bargain lol.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Working hard

Was out earlier doing revenue checks around stockport and came across this old scania bus. Bowers normally run a solo on here but today the locals are treated to a classic. Been a nice interesting yet quiet day out and about. I learnt the 384 route whilst checking tickets and got rid of some fare dodging scum at the same time. Back in Ashton bus station for a couple of days now so i think i'll need an early night as the roadworks are hitting us hard once again.