Thursday, 25 August 2011


It seems the metrolink roadworks are getting closer to the bus station. Whilst i have seen a great service on the 216s for the past few days, the narrowing of oldham road and Lord Sheldon way is causing all sorts of issues with the 7, 217, 168 and 169. Not helped by stupid car drivers stopping in the yellow box on the bus station exit. Had 4 days in Ashton today and last day in town tomorrow before 4 days off. Well deserved days off too if i may say so myself. Hoping to hit the trans pennine trail on saturday weather depending.


  1. heard that first Ashtons Dennis arrows are be replaced by ex first south yorkshire T regs double decks also 31814 has moved from Halifax not sure where it will end up

  2. I saw 19061 (Sharston bus) parked in Ashton bus station, has it been loaned or transferred or something?

  3. SH cover some 216s mainly Magic buses but could be a cover on the route