Saturday, 30 April 2011

Broken bus

Just walking in town and this beast is in piccadilly picking up a broken down finglands bus. Unlucky lol.

Paint shop

There is only the one e200 in the yard although i heard 4 were delivered so nothing else to snap at the moment apart from this single deck scania. Looking nice in a new coat of paint. I like driving these. Very comfy buses.

Sneaky Look

This is one of the new E200s that Ashton are getting.(yes for sure this

I read that they are going on the 347 and 346 services very soon. Although I
hope the frequency on the 347 is increased because it's busy enough now with
buses that can hold 70 people.

This picture I found on facebook but I'm at Hyde Road later so will go get
some better ones and post them later. On a late today in Manchester so not
in work until 3pm.

Friday, 29 April 2011

All quiet

In town at the moment in piccadilly. It's been a pretty quiet morning so far although i bet the public will be out once the royal wedding has finished. Am working all weekend but can't complain, i had last weekend off.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New colours

I'm working in piccadilly today and noticed this volvo in new magic colours. I thought most of these were heading down south but obviously not. Lots of kids still off school at the moment so it's quiet busy down here. Still sunny out so topping up the tan nicely.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Not so good day before friday.

Just finished my shift at Ashton bus station. Took this earlier. This bmw didn't fair too well. I didn't get chance to see what it hit as it had moved before i saw anything. I'm off for 5 days now so going to relax for a few days. Been a very busy four days this week. Especially today with traffic problems everywhere. Lots happening at the moment especially with service changes at the end of the month. Too many to go into on here but a few too many services being run by different operators in the evening and sundays because of tenders being lost which i find a bit frustrating for the passengers. Hard to tell people 11.50 is good value when you can only use it Monday to saturday daytime. Sorry i have not had chance to blog much. This job is just too time consuming. Miss driving loads at the moment. Anyway off to have a bbq and to start my easter break.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Week Off

I'm off for 9 days and thought I would have a look around some old stuff I
have since the weather cannot decide what to do with itself.

I found this old fare table for the 236 and thought I would compare it with
the recently released set of fare tables on the Stagecoach website. The
older one is from August 1980. There is certainly a lot of difference
between the two. I don't think the recent fare rise was such a surprise
although there is some confusion over the cross boundary fares for children
into Glossop.

It seems that the best option is for all under 16s in Glossop is to buy a
megarider as the child easyrider is no longer valid past the boundary.

Not sure what to do with myself this week. The bike has been serviced and
polished and ready to go but the weather has looked so upside down today
will see what happens later in the week. The weekend was very nice though
but I chose to spend it with family and friends who I have not seen for a

Will post if I get anywhere special on my bike anyway.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Interesting stuff

Noticed a bit of history being restored at hyde road last week. Looks like an old bee line bus is being done up in an engineers spare time. This moorland bus has kindly given up it's engine to the old yellow minibus. I think from memory they were iveco buses although i might be getting mixed up with some of the little gems that were running at a similar time. Anyway looked like the body was finished and the interior needed some tlc but i'm sure it won't be long until this little yellow bus will be out and about at the rallies.


Just spotted this stotts 353 in the bus station. It seems there blind programmer might need a little advice on place names. The front destination was ok but the side is spelt wrong. Unless they have changed it. Been a toughy today with all the new fare changes but it looks like people are taking to it. Most buses are loading quicker than last week although there are a lot of passes that still won't scan. Wonder if they have this problem in london?