Monday, 11 April 2011

Week Off

I'm off for 9 days and thought I would have a look around some old stuff I
have since the weather cannot decide what to do with itself.

I found this old fare table for the 236 and thought I would compare it with
the recently released set of fare tables on the Stagecoach website. The
older one is from August 1980. There is certainly a lot of difference
between the two. I don't think the recent fare rise was such a surprise
although there is some confusion over the cross boundary fares for children
into Glossop.

It seems that the best option is for all under 16s in Glossop is to buy a
megarider as the child easyrider is no longer valid past the boundary.

Not sure what to do with myself this week. The bike has been serviced and
polished and ready to go but the weather has looked so upside down today
will see what happens later in the week. The weekend was very nice though
but I chose to spend it with family and friends who I have not seen for a

Will post if I get anywhere special on my bike anyway.


  1. exazdriver12/4/11 10:21

    interesting to see the plough inn still as a stage, considering it hasn't existed for about 15 years!

  2. There are literally 100's of long gone pubs, post offices ect still stages on all bus routes !

  3. Anonymous14/4/11 17:15

    GREAT NEWS ashton depot to get new buses one question what will they use for fuel last i heard ashton depot didnt have adblu fuel? very pleasd to see your blog return best of luck to you in your new role

  4. I have heard there are some enviro 200s on the way to Ashton so i assume that adblue will be delivered as it was last time. Although it was removed when the new buses went elsewhere.
    The darts are all going as the 389s are being withdrawn and the 7s are going to stockport depot on a 30 minute service or so i here. Shame about the 389 but the 204 is being extended to Gee Cross to compensate.. So many things going on. lol

  5. exazdriver14/4/11 20:25

    i heard the 204's frequency is being cut back and the 206's increased to run frequently throughout the day instead of just at peak times. makes sense really, although it is a shame about the 389 as it was a nice route to drive (even better when it used to go all the way to stockport - a single round trip would take up half the shift!)

  6. Apparently the new Enviro 200's are destined for use on the 346's only.
    Im guessing the 236/7's will possibly become Double deck operated, although there's interesting changes to come there as the route is being changed to cut out Stalybridge Bus Station.

  7. Anonymous15/4/11 14:50

    Thank you for the information iam sad to see ashton loose routes like the 7 and 389 i was hopeing ashton might get extra routes not less lets hope they get new routes soon again thank you

  8. Ashton has recently taken up more daytime trips on the 231, these are easy to spot as there normally operated by MAN's and not Enviro's.
    Will be interesting to see what pans out at Ashton though over the next few months.

  9. Sharston are to get some new buses aswell from what I have read on

    also I think with firstbus we could do with 69309 to 14 on the 350 these are at Chester now they are 09 regs and have leather seats

  10. i have been told that ashton could well be losing the 330 after summer hols and gain all 216/219/231`s and the new enviros are just for 346 and 347s only