Monday, 4 April 2011

Interesting stuff

Noticed a bit of history being restored at hyde road last week. Looks like an old bee line bus is being done up in an engineers spare time. This moorland bus has kindly given up it's engine to the old yellow minibus. I think from memory they were iveco buses although i might be getting mixed up with some of the little gems that were running at a similar time. Anyway looked like the body was finished and the interior needed some tlc but i'm sure it won't be long until this little yellow bus will be out and about at the rallies.


  1. Its hard to tell from the pic but judging by the body it looks like one of the original Sherpa's with a Carlyle body.

  2. Anonymous24/4/11 08:27

    It's actually D62NOF donating parts for the renovation of the Museum of Transport's D63NOF to original full working order. The work's being done for the Museum by Stagecoach. The bus is a Carlyle bodied Sherpa Freight Rover. It'll form part of the Museum's 1986 D-Day weekend at the end of the year.