Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sneaky Look

This is one of the new E200s that Ashton are getting.(yes for sure this

I read that they are going on the 347 and 346 services very soon. Although I
hope the frequency on the 347 is increased because it's busy enough now with
buses that can hold 70 people.

This picture I found on facebook but I'm at Hyde Road later so will go get
some better ones and post them later. On a late today in Manchester so not
in work until 3pm.


  1. M Branson1/5/11 10:19

    Great to see Ashton gatting new buses at last. Backbower residents may be disappointed that they quite narrowly missed having these on their local 346 service lol.

  2. M Branson1/5/11 10:20

    Gatting? Sorry, getting!

  3. I think they start this week in service can see the older mans going

  4. Mic the older Man's aint going anywhere, from Ashton anyway.
    They will still be used on the 236/7 and 217/8 and some 231's as well.

  5. wonder whats going then

  6. Not sure Mic, will be interesting to see how things work when the Enviros come into service becuase currently during the week the 236/7 are interworked with the 346.
    This wont be happening once the Enviros enter service as im told the 236/7 will continue to be worked by MAN's along with the 217/218.

  7. The 346 has not interworked with the glossop services for a few months now. It runs on it's own now to avoid problems if there is bad traffic in glossop.

  8. Thats an understatment, theres always bad traffic in Glossop lol.