Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New colours

I'm working in piccadilly today and noticed this volvo in new magic colours. I thought most of these were heading down south but obviously not. Lots of kids still off school at the moment so it's quiet busy down here. Still sunny out so topping up the tan nicely.


  1. think they are doing all these into this livery like this 16775 was known to be at BranStaple

  2. Just wondering, maybe these are still going but to other or new magic bus services. I'm sure these would work well in certain areas i.e. Swindon against Thamesdown, or supplement Merseyside.

    It's great to see Stagecoach offer standard, value (Magic and Megabus) and luxury bus services (GoldRider). I know that these magic services are becoming low floor, but will they recieve 2nd hand vehicles or new ones? just a thought?

  3. Didn't Brian Souter say recently that there was no plans to introduce Magic Bus anywhere else in the country.
    I think its a good decision to paint these into the newer livery, it certainly looks smart.

    William, the low floor magic buses will be second hand, mainly the ALX Tridents although they seemed to have stalled on painting them as theres still quite a few in the normal livery.