Monday, 30 January 2012

Bad Driving?

Was working yesterday and got called to this outside Piccadilly station.
Looks like a council parking enforcement truck had a bit of a run in with a
cyclist. You can still see the bike trapped underneath the wagon. Luckily
there were only minor injuries but it sure brings home the risks of cycling
around the city centre. This could have been a whole lot worse.

It was a nice duty though yesterday which finished at 1130pm which I don't
mind because I get all day to myself before work. I have never been one to
shy away from late duties.

Oddly enough I have another today which suits me fine. Make your own mind up
who was in the wrong in this accident.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back to normal!

Been a bit busy today so this is the only chance i got to take a picture of a Bluebird bus. Nice to get back to work after such a long break. Felt very refreshed. Even took time out to reclaim a television that some scroat decided to walk out of Argos with. He was never going to get far with it lol.
Looks like all the replacement Speedwell services are going well and i even heard reports that the 343 was being well accepted by it's passengers. Thats probably the only one i would like to keep but the problem, as with a lot of these tendered services is that they are shared and i have made it clear previously that this not how services should be run. It's unfair on the passengers. Makes me wonder if the aim is ensure more System 1 weekly passes are purchased rather than operators own weekly tickets.
Sunday  and Monday are going to be very trying days in the town centre as the new By-pass opens and Penny Meadow is shut. from what i read today the diversion is a little complicated and will be done in stages over the next few weeks to ensure buses get as close to the market as possible. Personally i would just bring them in the back way and alight everyone in the bus station but thats not to be.
Apart from that not much else going on. everything just where i left it before i started my holidays.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Speedwell GONE!

It's always sad to see a bus company go under. But whats even worse is when you see it coming from a mile off. Only a few days ago Speedwell Bus was told they were going to lose there licence from the end of March and as predicted within a week they have decided to cease trading forcing TfGM to find alternative operators for the routes.
Now i don't know all of the routes they do but i think everything will be covered.

Today i noticed a Bluebird 59 plate Solo on  the 396 service and i believe that from tomorrow all the 202 journeys and the weekday 343 will be run by Stagecoach out of Ashton depot. this is at least until April, when i assume tendors will be submitted by whoever wants to run them.

There are a few Glossop schools being covered too, these will be done by Magic coloured Volvo Olympians. The 202 will be run with Darts and there will be 3 man buses covering the 343 service.
It's sad that driver have been made redundant and i wish them all the best in finding work with other companies.
I'm still off this week and back in work next Wednesday so not got too much info on the other routes. Only stuff i am reading on Facebook and by chatting with people i work with.

Picture accredited to  Stuart Valentine

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mumps station

It's hardly the old station which looked a bit more substantial than this one but this is the new Mumps tram stop. Well thats until the tram comes through the town centre. Been for a bike ride today to have a look at how the works are coming along. I was hoping to see some trams on test but no luck today. I ended up riding down the Bridgewater canal a little bit before heading back. It was a tough ride because of injury a few weeks ago but hoping to get out more very soon. Have added a few pics i took whilst i was out. Including a drained Ashton canal near to Edge lane. Looks like they are installing new lock doors but i could be wrong.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Time out

Yesterday was the first day of my holidays. Found this as i was heading into Oldham. This is the old warehouse on Park road. It was listed but sadly the building became unsafe so they has started pulling it down today. Off for 19 days so i'm hoping for some days out on my bike weather depending of course.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy new year.

First post of 2012. I took this picture on Thursday at Glossop. I was doing a spot of driving as overtime and ended up at the new terminus in Glossop. I can't believe it took so long to send us this was. It's so much easier. Today however i'm in Piccadilly working. Got a three week break at the end of this week so thought working the bank holiday should be easy enough. And it is. Manchester is pretty quiet today. Finish at 4 so not too bad. Apart from that not much else to report. Back in Ashton most this week. I'll just be glad to see things back to normal.