Monday, 30 January 2012

Bad Driving?

Was working yesterday and got called to this outside Piccadilly station.
Looks like a council parking enforcement truck had a bit of a run in with a
cyclist. You can still see the bike trapped underneath the wagon. Luckily
there were only minor injuries but it sure brings home the risks of cycling
around the city centre. This could have been a whole lot worse.

It was a nice duty though yesterday which finished at 1130pm which I don't
mind because I get all day to myself before work. I have never been one to
shy away from late duties.

Oddly enough I have another today which suits me fine. Make your own mind up
who was in the wrong in this accident.


  1. Saw 2 237 buses one behind each other on Newshaw lane in Hadfield. RARE!!! The 0701 to Piccadilly running late and the 0716 to Ashton.

    Changes did come into effect yesterday though, something isn't helping.

    Think 22100 was to cover for 22183 which was having an MOT if it was. 22183 seen back in service today.

  2. been told 22100 is an 8 week transfer to Ashton

    the Ashton bypass has now opened lets hope it improves bus service times in Ashton

  3. seen yet another loan to Pioneer this been 34038 from Bryn depot why this is happening no idea

  4. Seen 40370 on the 348, could be a transfer from Bolton.
    Think 4032?'s have gone Oldham for the 402/6 routes. Only solos seen is 4031?'s and 50280 in Ashton.

    Not clear yet on Wellington Rd as they are resurfacing road there.

  5. may be 40370/71/72 I have a friend on facebook who use to driver there will ask him if he knows anything

  6. 40370 has transffered back from Bolton no more reported as yet

  7. Benzo

    40325/27 still in service at Pioneer 40325 now has a rear end advert think 40324/26 will still be there

  8. I saw 40325 with the new rear advert, 40326 still here as seen on the 353. Not many 54 reg solos seen at all this week, only 53145/8 seen?
    Mic, The current loans 31952 40433/43 and the odd bus 34038 as such, could be covering for the move of 40315/6/7. Although a long absence of 40324 and 40360 off the road with a component issue. (5 buses less)

    Seeing 40370 back at Ashton, I can see 40371/2 coming back too to keep Pioneer with sufficient buses.
    Plus FIrst have the 335 now which uses 1 or 2 extra buses. Just have to wait and see what happens?

  9. no report on 40371/72 yet I am suprised 40363 has not reached here yet

    I have been told 31952 is an Oldham bus on paper but is kept as a spare at Dukinfield for when 3 of more buses are of the road and mainly use on 350 to Oldham plus still has full first Pioneer legals 53143 is of the road with faults also since coming back 40366/68 when at Wigan had had their rear fleet numbers moved to above the window looked better on the bottom 53146/47 on 419 this week let me know if anything else happens