Sunday, 5 December 2010

The End

The past 18 months since i started this blog have been a great part of my life. I love my job more than ever and trully believe i will succeed in my chosen career path and with a lot of hard work and determination, be the best at what i do. It's come to light recently that maybe not all the content on the blog is seen as in good taste. I have always posted what i have seen as interesting things that show the inside workings of what we do, not only at stagecoach but in the bus industry as a whole. Plus a few days out on my bike too. It's been fun but i am unable to continue with it. It's been nice to be able to fight the company corner from the sidelines and i'm sure any problems that are still going on will get solved in time. This picture is my car on friday morning. Was pretty cold indeed. Back to work tomorrow in Piccadilly at 930 here is hoping for an easy day. Hope you all have a good christmas and all the best for the future and thanks for taking the time to read about me and what i do. Simon.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Out of place

Been in Stockport bus station today and noticed this 51 plate optare. I hear it's from preston and that there are a few of them at Stockport depot? Nice to see the snow going now, i was getting a bit bored of seeing it although i doubt it will be long before it's back. I think Ashton suffered the most with the hilly routes but all in all i don't think there has been too much disruption to services. Even first bus managed to stay out and show some willing when the snow fell unlike last year. Off tomorrow and back in town on monday. Hope it's not as eventful as today has been!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Cold one.

Just starting work. Start at 3pm today on a late. Got a few hours on the 100s then over to the 192s until 1130. My first late doing this and i think it's going to be a cold one. Was minus 11 last night. Had to take the car for mot this morning which was fun trying to make everything work as it should. These buses are in the process of becomming magic buses. I see loads of them now and i think the tridents look pretty cool in the new colours. Stockport bus station tomorrow. Should be a nice change of scenery.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

White rest day

I'm off today and the snow is causing problems all over the country. Manchester is no exception. Most services are running fine as per the information on the first and stagecoach websites. There is a few altered routes but nothing too bad. I was at work yesterday which was a bit of a challenge. After digging my car out at 5am i headed to hyde road early to make sure i could get there. I was looking after the 100 services which were all going well until lunchtime when the student population of Manchester decided to have a protest through the city. We had a few delays but nothing too bad. Been a very enjoyable week though. I'm back in tomorrow till 730pm.