Saturday, 4 December 2010

Out of place

Been in Stockport bus station today and noticed this 51 plate optare. I hear it's from preston and that there are a few of them at Stockport depot? Nice to see the snow going now, i was getting a bit bored of seeing it although i doubt it will be long before it's back. I think Ashton suffered the most with the hilly routes but all in all i don't think there has been too much disruption to services. Even first bus managed to stay out and show some willing when the snow fell unlike last year. Off tomorrow and back in town on monday. Hope it's not as eventful as today has been!


  1. Yeah, I saw a 51 plate Optare on the 310 service the other day, makes a change from the usual ones.

  2. Theres been lots of talk as to why these Solo's have gone to Stockport and Ashton still only has one, apparently its been claimed the reason could be 'political'.
    With the Glossop 390 service suspended last week the Solo was out and about in Ashton on a variety of services including the 346 & 236 so it would be nice to see a few more.

    The snow was bad here in Ashton last week but not as bad as back in January, Speedwell and First did cancel a few local services while it was very bad but good on Stagecoach for keeping everything running, the Stagecoach inspector in Ashton bus station looked rather frazzled on Tuesday morning trying to keep everything on time.

  3. exazdriver6/12/10 11:18

    felix, i think its because ashton only really need one! although im sure a spare for the 390 would be nice.

    with the exception of the 390, all ashtons routes carry medium to heavy volumes of passengers and operate reasonably accessible routes (no narrow streets or tight turns that a Dart couldnt negotiate)

  4. Thats the point a was trying to put accross. A second would be of use, although i do use alot of evening services run by AZ and there are some that only ever carry a handfull of passengers. The 236 last night at 22.15 from Glossop only carried 5 passengers all the way to Ashton, so surly it would be easier, and cheaper to use a Solo.
    Also with the bad weather over the last week and Solo has been on most AZ services so it proves it can be used, alot of First Dukinfield services carry medium to heavy loads during the day, but there vehicle output in the evenings is almost always Solo's.

  5. M Branson6/12/10 19:50

    Saw the Solo on the 347 this evening.

  6. Dukinfield now have a lot of solos the newest been all the 54 reg ones from Queens rd along with 40325/26

  7. Kayleigh1/3/11 22:22

    The solos have a terrible fuel economy of 5mpg, even an enviro 400 decker does around 7. This 51 plate solo was aqcuired in exhange for 16124 R124 EVX. It were an ex preston bus vehicle and arrived to us with roller blinds in carrying preston routes, these were immediately removed and hanover led front side and rear units fitted. Possibly stockport got hold of this with ashton having the other optare solo of the fleet?