Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Working hard

Was out earlier doing revenue checks around stockport and came across this old scania bus. Bowers normally run a solo on here but today the locals are treated to a classic. Been a nice interesting yet quiet day out and about. I learnt the 384 route whilst checking tickets and got rid of some fare dodging scum at the same time. Back in Ashton bus station for a couple of days now so i think i'll need an early night as the roadworks are hitting us hard once again.


  1. saw new single decker on the 218service is this because its summer timetable or is it to be regular

  2. I saw one on the 218 last friday (29th July) Definitely summer timetable routines/requirements. Even seen the odd MAN on the 347 too.

    Theres at least 1 Double decker on the 236/7 during the day trips to cope with the summer holidays demands.

    Seen 40371 few days ago in First depot.

  3. 34036 and 34296 are on loan to First Ashton I guess the fleet will settle down in september when schools go back

  4. The double deckers on the Glossops are mostly on that route as they come off onto the 216 or 330 later on that bus's running board.