Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Small Trip Out

On holiday this week so today i managed to get out on my bike. Headed into Manchester first of all where i found this tram broken down at the market street stop causing all sort of problems. Someone said is had derailed but i couldnt see where.
Then i headed off down to St Peters square to find a car on the roof of the library. Odd way of advertising. But interesting.

Finally i ended up going through Flixton, Urmston and ending up at Chorlton Water park. On the way back i passed the new tram line at St Werburghs Road. I believe it is already running here and will finally go on to East Didsbury.


  1. Dont often hear reports of metrolink trams breaking down - has anyone been on the newly opened chorlton line?

    Seen some different first buses in ashton being 31917/29/48 - 40339/47/71 - probably needed for when First start on the 353/4 380/1/6 from 24 July.

  2. I have seen 40347 it is on loan as has 31917

    31925/54 are withdrawn been replaced by 31929/48 read on a thread that solos from Oldham are to move to Ashton till new buses for the above routes come in september and darts from Bolton to Oldham reported there is 40339/44

    Ashton allocation as of today is

    40311 to 17/24 to 27
    53143 to 50

  3. M Branson15/7/11 08:23

    Interesting foray by First into deep Stagecoach country. Though they jointly operate the 22 from Bolton into the town, they've never been big on the town. Sad to see Stotts lose work to First. Mic, when you say new buses for the above routes, exactly how new? Lol

  4. Mic, a few day a go I was on the 330 which was on a diversion through some industrial estates and it passed the First Pioneer depot - I saw 40347/71 parked up there.

    I was also on the 217 2 days later going up mossley road over the hills and 40371 shot past with 'Private) 0' on the front of it.

    40406 not been around lately

    22094 IS a stockport bus now - caught it by surprise on the 327 back to Denton

  5. they are on loan I know 40347 is as it still has first manchester legal lettering no not seen 40406 for ages it is still down as at Pioneer as is 31927 but has been seen at Bolton what for I do not know

    the new buses will be new and owned by GMPTE as these are tendered routes they are getting

  6. Pioneer bus 40369 has gone to Chester

  7. Seems like some darts are missing from Ashton - ive not seen 40361/62/64/40406 for about 2 weeks or more now - anyone know anything about them?

    Mic - 31927 seen back Ashton (freshly painted I think)

  8. 31927 is back but not repainted also 40347 is a transfer had its legal lettering changed I went on 40362 last Friday but the other 3 not seen

  9. news on First Ashton the following are now there 40339/43/44/47 guess there will be more to come

  10. Anonymous22/7/11 23:34

    40361 is still at ashton was on 350`s yesterday 362 was on 333`s 364 was on 350s oldham not seen 364 either 339/43/44 replace 40308/9/10 displaced to oldham for the ex buval routes

  11. 40308/9/10/40434 where replaced by ex west yorkshire 40871/78/79/42175 brough over when bul val went bust