Friday, 1 July 2011

Big job

Been in ashton all week and have had a ride out on my bike everynight after work. Earlier i just went into Manchester and then back up the Rochdale canal heading for home. I had to come off the canal just outside town as the tow path was shut. It looks like a big job going on to link the canal to the newly built islington wharf. Should be nice when it's done. Thats if the plan is to do that! Tomorrow is a treat for me. Overtime driving at Ashton. A couple of trips on the 330 with two trips to Glossop bringing up the rear. Should be busy as the carnival is on up there tomorrow. Looking forward to getting behind the wheel.


  1. Is that the river tames in ashton?

    if it goes wrong, there will be no more river (tames) or whatever!
    it would flood the site out!

  2. I was watching 19115 ready to start on the 231 from Ashton - The driver changed his display to 11 Altrincham by mistake - Then he changed it to the correct one - 231 Piccadilly
    Has anyone ever seen anything similar?