Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Little bus

I think this is the smallest bus we have at ashton on regular service. 33098. It's fun to drive and easy when it comes to the usual tight corner at droylsden and fairfield road on the 7 service. Only one of these to do and then 3 trips on the nightmare that is currently the 216. I did the same duty yesterday. Was certainly hard work but managed to do all 3 in a man bus lol. Nothing much going on at the moment apart from my new bike is ordered and will be with me first week in july so i'm a bit giddy now. The sunshine has vanished so the shorts are left at home. And it looks like it will rain for the next 30 years none stop. Apart from all that it's a nice simple day.


  1. Isn't the Solo used on the 390 in Glossop slightly smaller?

  2. As much as its a nice bus 33098 it would be nice if the seats had some more padding on them.

    As for 216s I see the temporary traffic lights are back and have been for the past 2 weeks now at Every Street/Ashton New Road junction, then there's the fight to get out of Manchester at rush hour caused by the closure of Portland Street/Newton Street

  3. Will your new bike be fitted?
    Our daughter bought a bike recently and was fitted to it. They measure her legs and so on and adjusted the bike so it would be a proper fit.

  4. I went to a shop to get measured up yeah. I was suprised to know my bike is 2 inches bigger than i should be riding. Typical bloke thing i think lol.

  5. M Branson9/6/10 19:41

    The Solo is only really ever used on the one route, so it is probably limited to how you can compare it really.

    Yep, getting a new bike is an exciting and wonderful time. Hope the new one doesn't give you as much grief as your current one has.

  6. But its a bus and its part of the Ashton fleet. The small Dart in the picture is only really used on the 7.

    Oh and the Solo has been used on other routes in the past. In January i snapped it on a 7 and on a 216 so really it can be compared. lol