Saturday, 5 June 2010

Early staff bus

Well it's 430am i'm just on sunnyside road in droylsden waiting to pick a driver up. Been a few weeks since i drove the b10. Really is a shame we don't use them in service anymore. This is such a lovely drive and very fast too. It wouldn't have boy problems keeping time on the 216s. Only got two pick ups then i'm on the afore mentioned 216s for 3 trips followed by a 330 i think although i'm not too sure as i have not written it down yet. Off tomorrow so a few beers in the garden and a dip in the pool will be in order later i think.


  1. Its funny you say that about the B10Ms, as yesterday afternoon i was down at Hyde Road and was surprised to see a freshly painted B10M in the paintshop. Sadly there was nobody around to ask where it had come from but it looked nice.
    Would be nice to see a few more of these back in peak service.

  2. Why would we be painting B10s? hmmm i must enquire as i think the only one we use now in corperate colours is our taxi bus. Unless someone can tell me otherwise.

  3. I dont know i was shocked to see it as well. There was no fleetnumber or even viynls so dont even know which one it was but it looked like it had just been painted into corporate livery. Perhaps its one of the ones from Glossop.

    Dont forget that Hyde road painted alot of the B10Ms that went over to Merseyside so it could be for another fleet.