Saturday, 5 June 2010

On a lighter note.

This is a funny. I joined this group months ago. This will be worth a few pictures of anyones camera and for a good cause too.


  1. Will the driver of the Ashton Magic Bus be wearing a wizzard outfit lol?

  2. Anonymous6/6/10 16:25

    has ashton depot stopped operating on the 216 on sundays today just seen hyde road buses on the route

  3. This should be an annual thing this, and maybe stagecoach drivers should be allwoed to wear England tops.

    Besides from MagicBus, I'll be off to London on the MegaBus tomorow, hopefully trying out one of there nice new 10 reg Van Hools...should be fun hee hee

  4. Good luck with your trip William.

    Its nice that Stagecoach are raising money in this way. Stagecoach do seem to adopt charities to raise money for each year but i think this should grab some attention. Its just a pity its not rolled out across the whole stagecoach Manchester operation.

    I think Ashton share the 216 with Hyde Road on a sunday.